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the flat bone that articulates with the clavicles and the first seven pairs of ribs

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The girls were born prematurely on March 15 without breastbones and with their livers, hearts and much of their breast and abdomen connected, Li Yanmin, director of the paediatric department at the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University in northern Hebei province said.
Doctors separated the twins' livers, repositioned their hearts and rebuilt their breastbones, Xinhua said.
Like mice engineered to lack the gene, they developed cleft palates and malformed breastbones, and they died at birth.
And if the Angels conveniently overlooked this fact and emerged from the weekend with their breastbones jutting out, well, there's probably no harm in that.
However, Chatterjee says that Protoaviswas a much more advanced bird than the Archaeopteryx fossils, which lack keel-like breastbones and were poorly suites for flight.