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Synonyms for breastbone

the flat bone that articulates with the clavicles and the first seven pairs of ribs

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11, that the GSK-3ss protein participates in palate development and breastbone formation at different times.
Internationally recognized for his pioneering work in minimally invasive heart surgery, his investigations and innovations allow surgery to be done inside the heart through small incisions rather than through large traditional cuts that split the breastbone or the ribs.
If this doesn't work five chest thrusts, with two fingers on the breastbone with the baby on its back.
ANDREAS SUBORICS, who suffered a broken breastbone and crushed ribcage in a fall at Kyoto, Japan, on Saturday, was operated on yesterday.
With this smart garment, ECG signals can be picked up by the sensors visible on the garment in the breastbone.
Now do the same exercise with your hands placed at the bottom of your breastbone and breathe the same way.
The most common side effects observed with the device were pain beneath the breastbone that usually diminished within two weeks, temporary difficulty swallowing, fever, and sore throat.
Masaru Umezu, 56, sustained serious burns to the face and hands, while Koichi Okada, 42, broke his breastbone.
A biopsy indicated the mass was malignant and a bone scan indicated the cancer had spread to his breastbone, ribs and spinal cord.
5-centimeter (12-inch) incision from neck to abdomen, then saws into the breastbone and cracks open the ribcage to expose the heart.
Then, from the top of the bird, cut between the breastbone and the meat along the length of the breast, angling the knife down, parallel to the carcass, to meet the first cut.
Circulation - check for pulse; if there isn't one take the heel of both hands and press down on the breastbone at a rate of one compression a second; continue until paramedics arrive.
As soon as the breastbone is reached, drop the point just beneath and pass it under the breastbone.
The chest pain, which is caused by reduced blood flow to the heart, typically occurs behind the breastbone and may travel down your left arm or up your neck, or be a squeezing, pressing sensation that does not change with breathing.
The most common ulcer symptom is a gnawing or burning pain in the abdomen between the breastbone and the naval.