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Synonyms for breast-high

up to the breast


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Those who have been there, and well mounted, only know how he and the stanch little pack who dash after him--heads high and sterns low, with a breast-high scent--can consume the ground at such times.
Bumble raised his head and descried a man looking out of a door, breast-high, on the second story.
In such a Dismal Swamp does the new house stand, and through it does the Secretary daily struggle breast-high.
But whereas he of the breast-high trousers and toilet-brush haircut can slump in his chair and watch with detached amusement, with only the further inflation of his already titanic bank balance to "worry" about, Brown is perched with genuine hope that someone he hasn't yet met on his handshaking tours of Great Britain, will be able to dig him out of his hole.
The horse's own momentum carried it breast-high over the top and it crushed her as it came down.