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[2] Mothers may feel pressure to breast-feed; however, in the developed world children generally grow up normally bottle fed.
[2] In the United States, about 75% of women begin breast-feeding and about 13% only breast-feed until the age of six months.
"Making the decision to breast-feed gives babies the best possible start in life," she said.
A baby won't be barraged with HIV every time it breast-feeds, but since a child takes milk several times a day, each baby of an infected mother is presumed to be regularly exposed to HIV.
Past studies have revealed a link between how long a mother breast-feeds her baby and a reduced chance of the child becoming overweight in adolescence.
The longer a woman breast-feeds, "the less likely she is to develop rheumatoid arthritis," Dr.
As a mother breast-feeds, she shares an intimate bond with her child.
The longer a woman breast-feeds her children and the more children she has, the less likely she'll be to develop breast cancer.