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Frequency of Breast-feeds among the Infants of these Mothers Number of Times in 24 Hours Number of Infants <6 times 17 6-8 times 64 8-12 times 16 >12 times, demand feeds 3 Total 100
The Lansinoh survey went on to note that women's reluctance to breast-feed was driven by more than just the fear of public embarrassment.
Three-quarters of respondents who had intended to breast-feed exclusively felt that hospital staff generally encouraged the practice.
She said: "I could only breast-feed for four weeks because I suffered from really bad mastitis (an inflammation of the breast causing it to become painful, red and swollen).
That is, women should exclusively breast-feed if they don't have access to clean water, good health care and medicines, and formula.
We decided to withdraw after it became clear our bill would have been watered down and most likely vetoed by the then-governor," said Mary Ann Kerwin, Colorado Breast-feeding Task Force Legislation Representative and one of the authors of Colorado's law protecting a woman's right to breast-feed in public.
McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center in Springfield still provides the gift bags to new mothers who say they would like one, hospital officials said, but nurses remove the formula from bags for mothers who have chosen to breast-feed.
Recently I was told I would not be allowed to breast-feed in my GP's waiting room, so I have experienced this lack of support first hand and I can fully empathise with mums who tell me about the humiliation and embarrassment they felt in similar situations.
In fact, the CDC smallpox fact sheet states that it is safe for a woman to breast-feed her baby if a close contact received smallpox vaccine, provided that the vaccinee follows the standard procedures for hand washing and site protection.
That doesn't mean women shouldn't breast-feed for less than three months if that works best for them.
According to the 1998 data compiled by the surgeon general's office, only 45 percent of Black mothers breast-feed their children immediately after birth, compared to 68 percent of Whites and 66 percent of Hispanics.
In 1997, former ITN newscaster Pamela Armstrong revealed she had continued to breast-feed her son in public morning and night until he was 31/1 years old.
When you breast-feed, you don't have to sterilize bottles.