breast pocket

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a pocket inside of a man's coat

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Pulling a manuscript from his breast pocket he held it near the candle and turning the leaves until he found the passage that he wanted began to read.
He pulled out his watch, and after some fumbling got it back into the breast pocket of his thick woollen jacket.
Micawber's conversation, eating walnuts out of a paper bag, with a bottle sticking out of his breast pocket.
Holmes put his finger on his lips, replaced his hand in his breast pocket, and burst out laughing as we turned down the street.
She saw him place it in one of the breast pockets of his coat.
A special finish minimises creasing and pure two fold cotton keeps you cool, while a special breast pocket will hide your passport and a secret pocket inside the cuff is perfect for your credit card.
The business card should be kept in a small container in the breast pocket of the shirt or suit coat, not in a wallet in the pants pocket.
The tech is on a little square on the breast pocket.
Well made, hard to fault bar the lack of a breast pocket.
The complete uniform will consist of the following: one blazer: single breasted, two-button front with side vents, two side pockets and one breast pocket.
The victim, a month short of his 81st birthday, was unable to defend himself when the intruder threatened to kill him, demanded cash and even searched his breast pocket.
We need a public health campaign which says: every time you smoke a bifter, you are effectively slipping another snack into Big Eric's breast pocket and saying: "There you go, kid.
He pulled a purple handkerchief from his breast pocket and mopped his brow.
Without the BP (the breast pocket, I mean, not the oil empire), I have to jam the little proof of purchase into one of those bulging side pockets, already filled with touring necessities.
Summary: The Narrative Clip is a digital camera about the size of a postage stamp that clips to one's breast pocket or shirt collar and takes a photo every 30 seconds of whatever one's seeing.