breast of lamb

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a cut of lamb including the breastbone and attached muscles dressed as meat

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5 Unroll the breast of lamb and spread the stuffing down the length of it, leaving a 1cm edge all around.
20 BUYING cheaper types of meat such as liver or breast of lamb. It can make a real difference to the weekly shop, says financial website
My recipe today is for breast of lamb. As this tends to be a little fatty it is best pot roast a day in advance.
He also dishes up a tempting, tender breast of lamb with onions and prepares the perfect orange caramel custard (otherwise known as creme caramel).
It'll be breast of lamb next I suspect: if they want an expert they can call on me.
Apple and orange juice, garlic sausage (Carys' favourite), Cheddar cheese, Danish Blue, fresh Parmesan, melon, raspberries, blueberries, small breast of lamb (for tonight), carrots, potatoes and some leftover pasta from last week.
out with her shopping basket and she came back from Farm To Freeze in Wooler with half a local-bred lamb, butchered into shoulder and leg joints, breast of lamb and a dozen thick chops for pounds 35.
That said, I get absolutely no pleasure from cutting up a raw chicken, boning a breast of lamb or any kind of meat, and avoid it whenever possible, but sea food - that's a totally different kettle of fish.
He had told neighbours before he set off at about 10am that he was going to the butcher's to buy a breast of lamb and to withdraw cash from the bank.
It was the daddy of them all, Aglianico, that we were lucky to have a gargle of, paired up with the almost pornographic deep fried breast of lamb. Aglianico is believed to be the ancient ancestor of the Rhone Syrah and also the ubiquitous Cabernet Sauvignon.
Douglas, 82, first set up shop in the post-War make-do-and-mend era in 1947 when cuts of meat like neck and breast of lamb were the order of the day.
He kept picking things up and reading the price out loud, 'pounds 2.70 for a breast of lamb?!!!' pounds 5.56 for pork chops?!!
I could have written a book called "101 ways with a breast of lamb." I had no washing machine and it was hard work washing by hand for the five of us.