breast feeding

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nourishing at the breast


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According to Badiekang, once a nursing mother engages in exclusive breast feeding, the baby becomes brainy, which means the child is able to absorb things easily, when he or she is enrolled in school.
Breast feeding is very important during crucial first hour of life.
Every year breast feeding was week was organized from August 1st to August 7 as this year the theme of the day is 'Foundation of Life 'to create awareness among the people on the importance of breast feeding and its benefits not only for the children but as well as it is good for the health of the mothers as well.
He was addressing an orientation workshop on ''Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Breast Feeding and Child Nutrition Act 2015'' held by provincial Health Department in Collaboration with UNICEF here on Wednesday.
They were initially syringe fed while being observed in nursery (12-24 hours) and subsequently advised to start breast feeding. Whereas all neonates admitted for observation to the nursery at CMH Mangla were placed in group 2.
Addressing a seminar on "Saving Newborn Lives by Early Initiation of Breastfeeding" here he said the legislation would help a lot to ensure the fundamental right of breast feeding to the newborns and healthy future of new generation.
This signifies poor implementation of breast feeding policies in health care settings and also signifies the missed opportunity to educate the mother and her relatives about the importance of EBF.
They analysed the duration of breast feeding for each child, total amount of time a woman had breast-fed, and the average time of breast-feeding per child; the average duration of breast feeding was divided into four groups: less than 2.2 months, less than four months, four months or more, and 6.2 months or more."We found a statistically significant risk of grade III tumours in women with an average time of breast-feeding of 6.2 months or more.
"Breast feeding is a more economic option than formula feeding," says Gina Ciagne, director of breast feeding and consumer relations at Lansinoh Laboratories Inc.
or those for whom routine advice on breast feeding is less accessible because of linguistic difficulties," they comment.
The benefits of breast feeding are not just for the baby.
In addition, a diabetes nurse specialist offered individual counseling on the benefits of breast feeding and described the possibility of using a breast pump if the infant's ability to suck was impaired.
FIRST-TIME mum Clare Gatenby was just fed up with the ordeal of breast feeding newborn baby Alfie.
While around 71% of British women start out breast feeding, the take-up rate in some parts of this region is as low as 26%.
"I have got eczema and asthma and breast feeding can help protect against allergies, so that was the most important part.