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Synonyms for breakwater

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Synonyms for breakwater

a protective structure of stone or concrete

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"In order to protect the new marina from unsurvivable north easterly storms in future, the company has no alternative but to build a permanent sea wall within its harbour lease area," it says, with the existing breakwater mainly protecting storms from the west.
"The north breakwater has reached its completed length and, over the summer, work will take place on the crown wall which will run along the length of the breakwater to give added protection to the quayside.
Based on their experience of working on breakwater construction projects, they immediately understood that in order to make the Cubipod economically viable, they needed to develop a means of producing the blocks in an efficient, cost-effective and flexible manner.
The new North Breakwater displays its effectiveness in protecting the bay from the elements.
The coastguard said the operation was a search and recovery for a man in the water who had been washed off the breakwater and swept off by the tide.
The Damavand, a frigate by international standards but which Iran calls a destroyer despite its small size, crashed into the breakwater at Bandar Anzeli as it was coming in to dock last Wednesday.
In this study, we will propose a more economical design by integrating the oscillating buoy WEC into the existing box-type breakwaters. The oscillating buoy WEC works as a floating box in front of the breakwater towards the incident waves.
"We were horrified when these two young lads walk along the breakwater in such dangerous conditions.
TWO teenagers risk their lives on a breakwater battered by huge waves - after a weekend in which six people died in stormy weather on Britain's coasts.
PORTHCAWL'S lifeboat saved a fisherman who was swept out to sea after being knocked off the breakwater by a large wave.
The strong waves caused by Typhoon Lando pushed a cargo barge 20 meters away from the breakwater of Manila Bay along Roxas Boulevard in Manila.
Three new container berths, new government berths, a dedicated cruise terminal, expanded breakwater arms, and a new approach channel will be constructed as a part of the Phase 3 expansion of Port of Salalah, it has been reported.
An order has been given to start work no later than January 19, and according to APM Terminals, they will start with construction of the breakwater and dredging of the access channel, reports (Dec.
The girls clung desperately to rocks at the end of a breakwater near Fort Perch Rock in New Brighton just before 7pm on Saturday - a move emergency services said probably saved their lives.