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Synonyms for breakup

the termination or disintegration of a relationship (between persons or nations)

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The purpose of the present study was to determine the relative effects of intrusive thoughts, controlling intrusive thoughts and having somatic symptoms like sleep disturbances on the degree of breakup distress as well as the potential alleviating effects of extracurricular activities and social support.
These quotations represent the experiences of two Christian undergraduate students who endured a difficult non-marital romantic breakup while attending a Midwestern state university in the U.S.
Much of the research on recovering from a breakup has focused on recovery after a divorce.
Thus, there will be two collapses - one unofficial as euro holders hoard German (DE) euros, and then the official outcome, a breakup of the eurozone.
Background literature on the variables that appeared to be affected by romantic breakups suggested the following: Gender differences in breakup distress have rarely been reported.
On being asked about her "friend breakup" with Jenner, Woods responded, "What's the definition of a breakup?"
The change in her Instagram profile came a few days after the news of her breakup with Gerald was confirmed by the actor.
"Walang outside force, walang ibang tao ang naging dahilan ng breakup.
Facebook has argued, for example, that a breakup would not address concerns over its privacy missteps, but rather lead to a number of smaller firms with similar issues.
Now anyone can develop a healthier, more satisfying lifestyle (without feeling deprived) with the Easy Sugar Breakup two-week detox program and proven sugar cancelling recipes.
This striking and picturesque phenomenon is known as an auroral breakup.
However, the musician came out to quash the breakup rumours and even revealed he plans marrying the 23-year-old former student of Babcock University.
Sara Davison ( The Divorce Coach's book, The Split - 30 days from Breakup to Breakthrough is available on Amazon from today.
"Not too long ago, I was going through a breakup and looking online for help.