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Synonyms for breakthrough

Synonyms for breakthrough

a productive insight

making an important discovery

a penetration of a barrier such as an enemy's defense

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The most dramatic environmental performance breakthroughs will be driven by fundamental process technology changes.
Science said that 1996 brought ``a series of stunning breakthroughs both in AIDS treatment and in basic research on HIV, the virus that causes the disease.
Track compiled the list of expected breakthroughs through comprehensive industry research, conversations with numerous scientific experts around the world, and through his work at HYPRES.
Potential Breakthroughs in Neurotherapeutics: Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia, a new report, provides a comprehensive assessment of truly innovative, early-stage research that we feel will translate into significant advances in neurotherapy.
Product Partners Vice President of Beauty Marina Randolph says the company is open to any innovation that will benefit the beauty consumer, with an emphasis on bringing breakthrough skin care and cosmetic products to the market that will make a difference in women's lives.
The breakthroughs in distance and cost mean that practical deployments of quantum cryptography are now feasible for highly secure communications for service providers, banks, and the military.
The discovery of a photovoltaic effect in our nanotube device could lead to exciting breakthroughs in solar cells that make them more efficient and a more viable alternative in the mainstream energy market.
InPhase achieved this breakthrough by using its patented polytopic recording method, which will be implemented in all generations of the Tapestry drive family.
Intel today announced a scientific breakthrough using standard silicon manufacturing processes to create the world's first continuous wave silicon laser.
Alliance to Maximize Scientific Breakthrough in Renin Inhibitor Classes
The stem cell research being conducted at UCSF is producing breakthroughs with tremendous potential for practical therapeutic applications," explains Mr.
The breakthroughs, which come less than a year after Fujitsu announced record-breaking 100Gb/in2 technology, were announced by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Ninth House Network, the leading provider of interactive online business skills training, today announced the availability of Forging Breakthroughs on the Ninth House Network v3.
Kymata has made significant breakthroughs in the Flame Hydrolysis Deposition (FHD) process used to fabricate their planar waveguides that have resulted in a major increase in performance.