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Synonyms for breakthrough

Synonyms for breakthrough

a productive insight

making an important discovery

a penetration of a barrier such as an enemy's defense

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I knew within the first chapter of "Sudden Breakthrough" that I would be experiencing some breakthrough moments in my lie throughout my reading of the book--a season of change in perspectives, circumstances, and events.
Government departments and universities spend around Rs100 billion a year on research, but their breakthroughs are never commercialised, leading the public to spend 10 to 20 times more on various products.
We call these breakthrough moments: The point in time when everything changes.
Breakthrough Energy Ventures will collaborate with other investors, governments, research institutions, and corporate partners, resulting in an investor-led fund with internal scientific expertise, a long-term horizon, and a tolerance and understanding of the investment risks required to transform energy markets.
Weston, MA, January 28, 2016 --( The 400 Year Project founder and chairman of the Breakthrough Improvement Institute, Donald W.
The level of risk and returns for breakthroughs is several orders of magnitude different from what it is for incremental improvements.
20 August 2013 - The US cancer diagnostics market is poised for significant technological breakthroughs in tumour diagnosis and therapy, as well as discovery of new specific antigens and genetic basis of diseases over the next five years, market research firm Venture Planning Group said in a report, published Monday.
The study is aimed at evaluating and confirming exposure to environmental pollutants and weather or climate changes as important risk factors for the breakthrough of certain chronic respiratory, otoiatric, and urological diseases.
IT'S great to hear the news about the major breakthrough in cancer research, with the potential to offer patients individual treatment and prevention.
We often hear of breakthroughs in cancer research, only for the scientist to meet some stumbling block along the way.
THE DISCOVERIES: Great Breakthroughs in 20th Century Science, Including the Original Papers ALAN LIGHTMAN
Breakthroughs in the last five years have suggested fresh promise for this technology.
Of that number, $54.1 billion, or 19.1 percent, was spent on basic research, the type that involves a high degree of uncertainty in terms of technical success and commercial value, but which can lead to revolutionary breakthroughs. Some 55 percent of all basic research in this country is done by universities and colleges, according to NSF.
Summary: Amends the Public Health Service Act to fund breakthroughs in Alzheimer's disease research while providing more help to caregivers and increasing public education about prevention.