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Synonyms for breakout

the act or an instance of escaping, as from confinement or difficulty

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Synonyms for breakout

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For a lot of people, post-|adolescent breakouts seem like unnecessary punishment.
The Purge (Detox Mask) - Oily skin is often so congested with excess sebum that breakouts develop deep within the epidermis, triggering cystic acne.
Breakouts in the classroom aren't there just for the fun of it, Mulder insisted They're also opportunities for the teachers to gain better understanding about how their students think.
Oral contraceptives decrease testosterone, thereby reducing sebum production and, hopefully, acne breakouts, she said.
We hope that you find the Breakouts helpful and we welcome your feedback.
The Yen crosses appear ready to have a sharp breakout on a four hour chart. 
To their credit, 93% of consumers surveyed understand that breakouts originated from a clogged pore.
Breakout Session 1: Consumer Trends Affecting Agri-Food
If you want to conduct a workshop for collegiate editorial writers, you'll need a variety of pizza, lots of editors and breakout rooms, a faculty member from a nearby college or university -- and students.
Once the general category was established, we requested and received additional breakouts by technological process.
'Looking forward, we note that the index is entering overbought territory once again in terms of RSI (relative strength index) - although trading at overbought levels is not an uncommon occurrence for breakouts,' Papa Securities said.
Acne breakouts can be a blow to your self-esteem, and even though there are countless cleansers and creams that are supposed to treat the breakouts, sometimes nothing you try works.
Want to banish bacne (breakouts on your back and shoulders) this season?
Attendees were able to choose two breakouts; Agency 101, Understanding Media Research and Planning, and How to Write a Marketing Plan.
He says research amongst steel workers has revealed up to five breakouts, although much smaller in scale, on the No 5 blast furnace in the past five years.