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Synonyms for breakneck

Synonyms for breakneck

characterized by great celerity

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moving at very high speed

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22 TUE *STUART MITCHELL BLUE LAMP Breakneck Comedy presents Stuart Mitchell plus special guests.
This was my first time at Breakneck but it's unlikely to be the last.
They are being rushed through at breakneck speed on a great lie.
The newly-named Breakneck Productions is back with a show that underlines just what this company is all about.
Memorial donations can be sent to Breakneck Hill Cow Fund, Box 343, Southboro, MA 01772 (www.
At the Belmont Stakes--the Triple Crown's longest race--the winning racehorse has to maintain this breakneck pace for 2.
Richard Lloyd, Managing Director of Experian's Business Information division, said: "Business insolvencies are increasing at breakneck speed and the importance of good credit management procedures has never been so business critical.
The breakneck movements we see are often pelvic and the bodies lithe and chiseled, but it's never basely carnal, and the female dancers are equals, not objects.
Although American popular culture has long been described as a breakneck race to the bottom, Steven Johnson has a different story to tell.
As retail branch competition between banking institutions in New York maintains its breakneck pace, Valley National Bank is continuing its expansion campaign and has acquired a 3,400 s/f portion of an 11,000 s/f retail condominium located on the Upper East Side at 1340 Second Avenue.
There have been a lot of bumps in the road to adoption of the Bluetooth short-range wireless protocol for automotive applications, but the number of Bluetooth-enabled devices for continues to grow, albeit at a less than breakneck pace.
Las Vegas' breakneck population growth--upward of 5,000 migrants monthly--produces a steady flow of poor patients, which is the very thing that hindered UMC's operations initially.
So the price of admission to elective office keeps rising at a breakneck pace.
Kinda thrashy, it's breakneck speed punk rawk, with a hint of the Devil Dogs' attitude and style.
Based on the RADEON 9700 series VPUs introduced in July, the RADEON 9700 PRO board will deliver breakneck performance to the gaming and enthusiast market.