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Short told the court he did not recall breaking wind in Hingst's office, adding, "I may have done it once or twice".
It's not clear whether the man accused of breaking wind had a medical condition that caused it.
The "Phillip Merlot, Breaking Wind '' production is actually taken from an radio episode from the Golden Age of radio, based on the character of Raymond Chandler's hard-bitten private detective Philip Marlowe.
Breaking wind is a normal process to get rid of this.
Mr Walton admits breaking wind and swearing in front of staff at the Green End dental practice in Whitchurch, Shropshire, in 2006 and 2007 but denies doing so when patients were there.
A report 12 months ago stated that cattle breaking wind (I ambeing polite) accounted for 17% of global emissions.
This was the day after the record breaking wind storm in Rutland that left many of the district members without power.
A suspect was sent to the cells by a magistrate after breaking wind in court.
Gently pull up on the front triangle by trying to stop an imaginary flow of urine, and find the back triangle by gently pulling up on the muscles that stop you from breaking wind. Be sure not to grip your buttock muscles.
TWO men were told by police to "lay off" brussels sprouts after they came to blows when one of them kept breaking wind.
Uncouth male passengers also annoy them by picking their noses - and BREAKING WIND.
HOW often do monitoring panels and management committees have breaking wind on their agenda?
Bialystock is a cartoonish, roly-poly, middle-aged vulgarian who gets the dough to mount his crummy shows (like The Breaking Wind and a musical based on Hamlet called Funny Boy) by porking rich little old ladies, whom he distinguishes by nicknames such as "Hold-me-Touch-me" and "Yank-me-Spank-me." And Lane is more than matched by Matthew Broderick as Bloom.
"Thunderpants," about a lad who achieves glory in breaking wind, is budgeted at about $7 million and will be helmed by Peter Hewitt ("The Borrowers").