breaking wind

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1% of women) stated that they'd be embarrassed breaking wind in front of their partners.
Breaking wind is not a reportable matter - though it may be a bit offensive.
S4C's promotions department appears to have taken to breaking wind on the airwaves as often as possible.
The Girls Aloud member, who has been dating Justin Scott for over seven years now, does not mind breaking wind in his presence if she has to.
The 58-year-old, once TV's highest paid entertainer, was warming up for Blackpool shows but bored London's Comedy Store with gags about drugs, kebabs and breaking wind.
EIGHT out of 10 Br itons admit having bad habits - with nailbiting, breaking wind and swearing topping the list.
The subjects under discussion: Katie's boobs, inevitably, and breaking wind.
After years of constant reassurance that Vitamin C was a sure defence against colds and flu, it turns out that it has about as much effect as a duck breaking wind in thunder - Sir Terry Wogan
She is an embarrassment to Liverpool girls with her belching, breaking wind, swearing and bullying.
A suspect was sent to the cells by a magistrate after breaking wind in court.
What with Lee breaking wind on the show and Rebecca Loos doing it twice, do we really need these kind of TV programmes?
His appearance on the show did little to enhance his credibility as he moped around the house breaking wind and talking to the chickens.
The makers advise not to put more than two or three together as they will end up telling dirty jokes to each other, watching sport on TV and breaking wind.
He was caught and we were treated to him breaking wind in his bedroom.
The virtual lover - Tom-I Gotcha - makes 24-hour demands for gifts, dates, letters and phone calls and comes with sound effects for snoring, breaking wind and squeaky-bed sex.