breaking point

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(psychology) stress at which a person breaks down or a situation becomes crucial

the degree of tension or stress at which something breaks

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4 Breaking Point Application & Threat Intelligence Program.
The pressure reaching breaking point, Murray saved both, surviving the first with an epic 24-shot rally, before clobbering a forehand down the line to raise set point.
2 was close to breaking point and fought off five set points in the eighth game.
The most common cause of carers reaching breaking point, cited by 41%, was "frustration with bureaucracy" when trying to get benefits or access NHS and social care.
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor said the overcrowding crisis had stretched the prison system to breaking point and there had been a marked increase in suicides.
Durham prison was built to house 591 inmates with a breaking point of 981.
Data explosion drives networks (and system administrators) to the breaking point