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Synonyms for faith

Synonyms for faith

absolute certainty in the trustworthiness of another

mental acceptance of the truth or actuality of something

a system of religious belief

those who accept and practice a particular religious belief

Synonyms for faith

a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny

complete confidence in a person or plan etc


Related Words

loyalty or allegiance to a cause or a person

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At first glance, Breaking Faith is a highly captivating novel for teens; however, it's also subtly educational, the result of Graziani's in-depth research, which included working with addiction and mental health professionals.
It lost contact with its target market and, as a consequence, began breaking faith with its core consumer.
It was the beginning of two years of torment, and shortly, when he began to scheme to evade combat, a time of profound guilt that he was breaking faith with his fellow grunts, the most reprehensible crime for soldiers.
After all, they raised these funds on their own, often for mission work or to assist some specialized ministry, and could be breaking faith with the donors if the money were put into the general congregation coffers at year's end.
I had been writing a feature-film script entitled Breaking Faith when I was living in Montreal for awhile in the 1990s.
Consider the titles of some recent books about Canada - Breaking Faith, The Betrayal of Canada, Faultlines: Struggling for a Canadian Vision, Who Killed Canadian History?
We can grow the account by doing what we know instinctively to be right, or we can draw down the account by breaking faith with ourselves.
Not only does he accuse these cadres of betraying the interests of their own "poor peasant" masses, but also of breaking faith with "far-flung antiwar activists," who, like Kolko, didn't just oppose the war but supported "the Revolution's social goals.
The same qualities are at work when the person drawing is willing to wait and watch, gathering information, instead of losing patience and breaking faith with the drawing, thereby corrupting it.
Well after breaking faith with Santa Claus, some kids still believe in the Electrical College.