breaking ball

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a pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter

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I was able to throw my breaking ball consistently for strikes.
When he is forced to launch it long, the Dubs halfforward line and half-back line are lightning quick at pouncing on the breaking ball.
Velocity is very important in breaking balls, but the faster the ball spins the better your ball will break and it will break later.
Whoever makes the most of the breaking ball will win," he added.
The UO junior right-hander out-pitched Cole, the New York Yankees' first-round draft pick last summer, and outwitted the UCLA hitters with a series of breaking balls to lead the Ducks to a 3-2 victory in the opener of a Pac-10 baseball series before an announced crowd of 2,204.
strike out on a low breaking ball away that escapes the catcher and allows Griffey to sweep around to second: "That guy is so good that the defense high-fived each other for holding him to two bases on a strike-out
This is the moment baseball star Mark McGwire hit a historic home run record- breaking ball.
Lars Anderson hit a grand slam on a breaking ball from Jason Bulger in the Red Sox's five-run seventh.
He was out there without a good breaking ball and he could never find it.
hitter), this pitch can be a two-seam or four-seam fastball, a change-up that tails, or occasionally a back-door breaking ball - a breaking ball that starts off the plate and breaks on the corner.
Derry looked lethargic, second to a lot of breaking ball and were frequently turned over.
Murray, who pitched a no-hitter for Milford High in his first varsity start this spring and didn't give up an earned run in 24 innings during the regular season while going 4-0, was quick to share credit with all his teammates and coaches as well as a fairly-unlikely source, a co-worker of his father's, Joe Lasozza, who adjusted his delivery on his curveball, improving a good breaking ball to a downright deadly one.
On a Wednesday night when he later claimed he didn't have his best stuff, when his pitch count became so bloated so early that he had lost any chance at a complete game by the third inning, when he couldn't throw his breaking ball for strikes and couldn't find anything remotely resembling a groove, all Lowe managed to extract from himself was this: Seven shutout innings.
He had a great game when he came on against Mayo and if he can get on breaking ball around the middle and pick up a supply line, he could get forward for a few scores and win breaking ball.