breaking away

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  • noun

Synonyms for breaking away

the act of breaking away or withdrawing from


Related Words

departing hastily

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said the presidential pronouncement to end military drills with the United States does not mean the Philippines is breaking away from its American ally.
The region had even held an unofficial referendum in 2012 -- 80% of those who voted said "yes" to breaking away from Spain.
THE Pope has cautioned Scottish voters about breaking away from the United Kingdom.
Meanwhile, Lalu denied the report about MLA's breaking away from the party.
Local elections are under way in Catalonia, the wealthy region of Spain where the dominant campaign issue has been the prospect of breaking away from Spain.
BELGIUM'S Philippe Gilbert won the men's road race at the UCI Road World Championships after breaking away on the final climb of the Cauberg hill in Limberg.
Maleki's SoL is negotiating an alliance with Hakim's Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC), a Shi'ite party with a smaller bloc of seatsin the 325-member Council of Representatives (parliament) than that of the Sadrists; the Kurdistan Alliance (KA), which is closer to the SIIC than the Sadrists; a Sunni Arab faction breaking away from al-Iraqiya of Allawi; and a few independents.