breaking away

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Synonyms for breaking away

the act of breaking away or withdrawing from


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departing hastily

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You should not take this as breaking away from our close friendship with the U.
Lot signaling Phase 1 - Construction of a new nursing home after breaking away from existing buildings.
He said countries breaking away should be considered on a "case-by-case basis".
Mutlaq, who a few years ago had negotiated an alliance with Maleki as the latter then promised the former he would be backed for the post of president of the republic, now claims the faction breaking away from Allawi would have up to 60 seats in the parliament.
JAKI GRAHAM - Breaking Away A Verdict: TWENTY four years after its release, Breaking Away, Birmingham singer Jaki's second album, is in the shops again with an extra five remixed tracks.
Devolution has always been portrayed as the three Celtic nations breaking away from England.
The recent push to control LAUSD has given officials in neighboring cities, who have long complained about not having a voice in LAUSD, the venue to get together and possibly resurrect plans of breaking away from the district.