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There was a wide range of students who attended the seminar from those who have never done a power break before to those who have competed in power breaking and even placed at worldwide or national tournaments.
I then start working a breaking ball that starts in the middle of the plate and breaks outside the zone.
Although researchers have known for more than 50 years that the amount and characteristics of underwater sound seem to depend on wind speed, they have only recently uncovered the link between the extent and strength of breaking waves and the number of microbubbles produced, which in turn generate the noise heard underwater.
On the other hand, late sand removal results in processing castings through the drum while helping scrub sand from the castings, homogenizing the sand and breaking lumps.
It's breaking hard enough to where (the hitters) have to make a decision as to whether or not they're going to swing at it,'' Glant said.
Almost anything that appears on HOTSOUP can be looped by a member, from a breaking news story, to a new poll that is released on the site, to one's favorite iPod tunes.
Valencia's Jill Reynolds fell short of breaking her own record at the girls' pole vault, but her height of 10 feet, six inches was still a foot better than second-place Ginny English of Burbank.
hitter), this can be a four-seam fastball on the corner or a two-seam fastball that tails back on the corner (or a breaking ball).
But breaking down cellulose into sugar molecules is a key step in making ethanol from the nearly 430 million tons of plant waste produced on farmland every year.
At nearby West Ranch High School, offenders broke into the student store by breaking a window.
Disintegration processes are also an important part of the human realm--for instance, the smashing of windows, the pulverizing of ore, and the deadly detonations of bombs, as well as the benign breaking of spaghetti.
Time travel was once considered only the realm of science fiction: in Breaking The Time Barrier, Jenny Randles reveals recent experiments which are showing the time barrier may indeed be broken.
Normally, these weak points are small and do not represent an risk of the sheet breaking at normal tensions.