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Words related to breakfast

the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)

eat an early morning meal

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provide breakfast for

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BIG Breakfaster Kelly Brook has had enough of the early mornings and has decided to quit...her parents' home in Kent.
Bidding for the ITV holiday slot contract starts this week and Thames have acted quickly to sign the former Big Breakfaster as a potential presenter.
Apart from a handful of fellow breakfasters at the Village and the odd reservoir or tree, the landscape is barren.
But on the celebration breakfast day breakfasters will be able to get a free champagne top-up.
While eating their poached eggs on toast or Welsh rarebit and Worcester sauce, breakfasters will also be able to digest the notion that existentialism is about people searching to find out who and what they are throughout life as they make choices based on their experiences, beliefs, and outlook.
It's little wonder that after two valiant years trying to flog this soggy staple to the breakfasters of Beijing, its Chinese owners are to sell the company to a US firm.
Dr Jakubowicz reported that the big breakfasters said they felt less hungry, particularly in the mornings.
According to the survey, people in Birmingham were the best breakfasters, with 73 per cent regularly sitting down for a morning meal.
A common breakfast of the time was "scrapple"--pork scraps and trimmings with cornmeal congealed into a loaf and fried in butter or lard--making us wonder how such breakfasters could construct the most prosperous nation in history without succumbing to massive heart attacks.