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the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)

eat an early morning meal

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provide breakfast for

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She remained upstairs packing till breakfast-time, and then came down in her ordinary week-day clothes, her Sunday apparel being carefully folded in her box.
It still lacked an hour to the late Welland breakfast-time, and instead of asking him to come in she proposed that they should walk out to an old orange-garden beyond the town.
You are to thank your brother and me for the scheme; it darted into our heads at breakfast-time, I verily believe at the same instant; and we should have been off two hours ago if it had not been for this detestable rain.
It's breakfast-time," said Joe; "we'll have to put up with preserved meat and coffee until Mr.
I read at breakfast-time that you had accomplished something more than ordinarily wonderful in the City and had made - I forget how many hundreds of thousands of pounds.
The letter addressed to you arrived at breakfast-time.
From the coming of the darkness to the coming of breakfast-time, you must not count on my services--I am taking my rest.
At breakfast-time Major Fitz-David called to inquire about me.
At breakfast-time he looked worn and haggard, with a little fleck of feverish color upon either cheek.
We shall be married from the Crummleses' lodgings, and shall be delighted to see you--either before church or at breakfast-time, which you like.
My hope of success is however exceedingly small, and there is probably a fearful period in store for me when I shall be taken every day during the winter to the distant towns to balls--a poor old mother shivering in broad daylight in her party gown, and being made to start after an early lunch and not getting home till breakfast-time next morning.
To-day," Hamel declared, as he stood at the sideboard the following morning at breakfast-time and helped himself to bacon and eggs, "I am positively going to begin reading.
From what he said to my lady, while I was in the room at breakfast-time, he appeared to think that Miss Rachel-- if the suspense about the Moonstone was not soon set at rest-- might stand in urgent need of the best medical advice at our disposal.
I began to wonder, next, whether my introduction to Miss Fairlie would disappoint the expectations that I had been forming of her since breakfast-time.
The Cone learns your likes and dislikes: Touch the center "power" button, and it'll cue up your favorite breakfast-time podcast, or your usual cooking-dinner background music, depending on your past behavior and listening patterns.