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a table where breakfast is eaten

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Turkey is a country affectionately known for its overflowing breakfast tables. Huqqa and The Market' have recently launched a new breakfast offering and are celebrating with a month-long, half-off breakfast deal throughout all of July.
This is yet another make-orbreak season for us; we have an opportunity to get to a position where our passports aren't just used to attend pre-season friendlies or go on holiday, and all it takes is a bit of civility over a breakfast table.
I'm trying to write a poem that will alert me to my real life, a poem written in the natural speech of the breakfast table, of a girl spooning yogurt, pausing, the spoon held aloft while she gestures toward the exact next turning of her thought.
BEFORE booking holidays in Corfu or France Parents, stop, think, give teachers a chance Don't let your child's seat be empty at school While your Jack and Chardonnay shriek round the pool Then watch, sleepily, parents sink gin and tonics When they should be mastering Jolly Phonics Then whinge and grizzle around the breakfast table Are your kids that clever, bright and able That they can take "a few days off " "Our Sam was off more, that time with the cough" How can "our Molly" read up to her age, when she's dancing "mini disco" on the hotel stage Do you want your kids to be smart and bright Get glowing reports on Parents'
Like at the breakfast table, the basket of napkins also had cameras in it." (Photos: Daniel Terna)
Although I did note that some family members were still (wisely) keeping a safe barfing distance at the breakfast table.
The dining room has more than enough space for a large family table and there is also a 16ft fitted kitchen with granite worktops, space for a Range cooker, integrated appliances and room for a breakfast table.
SIR - For the past 40 years, the Western Mail has been my companion at the breakfast table.
Later, Dumi retreated to the car, while Peter was motioned by Mandela to the breakfast table. When they were seated, Mandela said: "I thought there were two of you." Peter answered, "No, I came alone." "What about the other gentleman?" insisted Mandela.
Islamabad -- The meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Manmohan Singh would be held on 29 July on the breakfast table in New York on the sideline of United Nations General Assembly.
Remember when your dad used to sit at the breakfast table reading the newspaper in the morning?
For many years you could have the Mail sent by first class post to your holiday hotel or guest house in England and Wales and it was on your breakfast table the day after publication.
At 300m, the special Kellogg's Corn Flakes breakfast table at the Dubai Marina Mall Promenade will be 90m longer than the existing record, set in 2012.
IT'S guaranteed to bring a frown to the breakfast table cracking into a boiled egg to find it's overdone.