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a table where breakfast is eaten

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The mysteries that lie in the dark are just as real in her poems as the items the sun illuminates on the breakfast table.
SIR - For the past 40 years, the Western Mail has been my companion at the breakfast table.
Later, Dumi retreated to the car, while Peter was motioned by Mandela to the breakfast table.
For many years you could have the Mail sent by first class post to your holiday hotel or guest house in England and Wales and it was on your breakfast table the day after publication.
At 300m, the special Kellogg's Corn Flakes breakfast table at the Dubai Marina Mall Promenade will be 90m longer than the existing record, set in 2012.
BANGLORE/KARACHI -- The captain of Pakistan's blind cricket team, Zeeshan Abbasi, was rushed to a local hospital in the Indian city of Bangalore after consuming acid at the team's breakfast table, Indian and Pakistani media reported.
Summary: IT'S guaranteed to bring a frown to the breakfast table cracking into a boiled egg .
The Eastern Province city of Alkhobar is poised to enter the Guinness Book of World Records on Thursday with the creation of the longest breakfast table.
Merchandised in the cookie and cracker aisle, belVita Breakfast biscuits are not like the warm, fluffy, buttermilk biscuits that Americans are used to at the breakfast table.
The Welsh spend the most money on breakfast, regularly eating at cafes, while those in Northern Ireland spend the least time with their family at the breakfast table, the study said.
With orange juice a staple at the breakfast table and lemonade stands a childhood summer tradition, it is easy to forget that citrus used to be reserved for the wealthy, its scarcity making it a delicacy available only on special occasions.
Entrepreneur and marketing expert Katie Paine will be the keynote speaker at the premier of The Breakfast Table, an event newly launched by the Women's Business Center,
The photogenic huckster sat at a breakfast table, laughing at the way one paper called him a conservative and one called him too liberal, implying that he, like Goldilocks' favorite bowl of porridge, was just right.
At our first hotel breakfast in Rome, an opaque plastic cylinder sitting on the breakfast table appeared to be a misplaced intrusion.