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a place for light meals (usually near a kitchen)

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2 | Breakfast nook Built-in bench seats disguise storage; a walnut-and-laminate wall unit provides cabinets and a wine rack on one side and an entertainment center on the other.
Back from college for the summer, Lucy got up late, drank coffee in the sunny breakfast nook, watched soaps on the little TV in the den.
Tasteful colour scheme, recalling in a nice way the happy reign of beige and cream before Llewelyn-Bowen and his mob got us anxiously rag-rolling the breakfast nook.
7 -- color) A freestanding table and built-in benches create a cozy breakfast nook.
Patio door: To provide access to an outdoor patio, Donald replaced the window in the breakfast nook with a sliding glass door.
This work echoes some of the best-known images from "Bringing the War Home," such as Red Stripe Kitchen, which shows soldiers prowling a breakfast nook and Cleaning the Drapes, which depicts an ecstatic housewife vacuuming curtains that part to show a patrol in no-man's land.
CENTER OF ACTIVITY: The innovative kitchen design lets the host interact with guests at the island, in the breakfast nook, the great room, and on the patio.
As formal dining rooms have given way to great rooms, casual dining furniture that was once relegated to the breakfast nook has adapted to the needs of today's lifestyles.
The combination of a formal lounge, separate dining room, family room, spacious kitchen with breakfast nook, large utility room, five bedrooms, three with ensuite facilities, and bags of storage space make this a truly elegant and versatile home which has been further enhanced by stunning interior design.
Dustin set up an editing bay in the breakfast nook.
The previous owner, who purchased it-from tie contractor, had a wall opened up between the breakfast nook and the living room.
An area just 20-feet-deep by 19-feet-wide includes a full kitchen, a full toilet with bathtub/shower combo, a multimedia entertainment center, ample closet and cupboard space, dual office desks with computer, printer and the like, music recording equipment, breakfast nook and even a gathering room where we have hosted dinner parties for eight.
Other spaces include a sewing room, grandparents' nook, fashion corner, breakfast nook, gardening room and gentlemen's game room.
But each time Parker sits in her kitchen breakfast nook, she feels sick.
It used to be that candidates saved their efforts for the early primaries and the big dinners, but nowadays they embark years before the election to explore every breakfast nook and coffee cranny of possible support.