breakfast food

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any food (especially cereal) usually served for breakfast

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Additionally, 49 percent admit to having eaten something for breakfast they knew would spike their blood sugar because they simply wanted their favorite breakfast food.
Our customers have demonstrated increasing demand for breakfast foods with big, bold taste and intense flavors.
How the shift in retailer sales of breakfast foods are impacted by economic concerns and opportunities for supermarkets to defend sales of key commodity products
What's more, despite 45% of respondents enjoying pancakes for breakfast, 40% frozen waffles and 33% packaged sausages, it is in this traditional breakfast food category where consumer demand for healthy claims is higher.
And, since many advertisements in the breakfast food arena are meant to appeal to very specific consumer audiences, this report contains an analysis of the advertising that targets men, women and children, specifically.
Stein also stated "In addition to strong early take-away in supermarkets, the USDA approval of Yoplait Frozen Breakfast Bars as a qualified breakfast food in the Child Nutrition Program in U.
2013) The Association Between Body Metrics and Breakfast Food Choice in Children.
Strategically nestled in an Erringer Road strip mall, the 1,000-square-foot Simi Valley shop belongs to a dwindling number of mom-and-pop emporiums selling America's hottest breakfast food, the once-lowly bagel.
While cereal remains the most popular breakfast food, most are loaded with sugar and low in nutrition.
Breakfast cereals also compete with restaurants and food kiosks that sell breakfast food items.
This latest product to illustrate the trend also made me happy because Eggo Banana Bread has a strong banana flavor and enough sweetness to taste good - not without butter, as Bonnie suggests - but without syrup and eaten out of hand like yet another favorite breakfast food - toast.
There are portable breakfast food you buy at the supermarket and bring to work with you; breakfasts purchased from drive-through windows at quick-service restaurants, and baked sweet goods purchased at convenience stores.
Yogurts have a smaller share of only 4% but, with growth of 30% since 1995, they are set to become increasingly prominent as a breakfast food.
The European Breakfast Food and Drinks Report is a 135-page report, containing over 140 tables of statistics, and is available from the Publications Department at Leatherhead, fax: 01372 822374 or email: publications@lfra.
They also stress that retailers should try some cross-merchandising, such as placing frozen breakfast food in a case near cereals.