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make neither profit nor loss

attain a level at which there is neither gain nor loss, as in business, gambling, or a competitive sport

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The aim was to determine the cost breakeven, defined by the number of patterns at which the total cost of the printed patterns are equal to the total cost of the molded wax patterns, and the time breakeven, defined by the number of patterns at which the total time required to print the patterns equals the total time required to mold the wax patterns (Figs.
The 'AAA' breakeven AP of 92.0% corresponds to a breakeven OC of 8.7%.
Qatar's fiscal breakeven price of oil has risen 95% between 2008 and 2018 compared to high three-digit increases in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, according to Kamco, a regional economic think-tank.
It could appear to make breakeven analysis unnecessary, for example, by assuming that competitors are marking up a certain product category by a particular percentage and still can be in business.
Marmore MENA Intelligence published a report on the fiscal breakeven oil price, the BEP which is the oil price that balances an oil-exporting country's budget.
The only country in the Mena that can still generate a fiscal surplus with current oil prices is Kuwait, which posts a breakeven price of $50 for 2015, as estimated by the International Monetary Fund.
Fiscal breakeven oil prices (minimum oil price required to balance the budget) have risen significantly in the last decade, raising vulnerabilities in the event of a sharp and sustained downturn in the energy markets.
Studies have determined these breakeven prices for producing energy crops assuming that the yield of these crops remains the same over their lifespan and that the opportunity cost of land is also fixed over time (Khanna et al., 2008; and Jain et al., 2010).
Muscat, Sept 8 (ONA) The training program titled "Breakeven Point Analysis as a Tool for Financial Planning and Decision-making" for owners of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) began at the headquarters of the Public Authority for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises.
These measures are inflation swap rates and breakeven inflation rates.
Kuwait is not alone in watching its breakeven crude prices double, even as oil prices climb.
The company is aiming to achieve breakeven in the second half of the current fiscal.
In particular, it describes the cash and financial flows associated with owning and renting a house, the saved cash flow that the renter can invest in stocks and bonds, the breakeven rent-to-price ratio at which owners and renters accumulate equal wealth, and the market rent-to-price ratio at which households can rent or purchase an identical house.
M2 EQUITYBITES-2 August 2010-Standard Register achieves breakeven net loss per share for second quarter 2010(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-21 August 2009-Swedish Orexo seen to reach breakeven at best in 2010(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS