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make neither profit nor loss

attain a level at which there is neither gain nor loss, as in business, gambling, or a competitive sport

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SEATTLE, July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --The Breakeven Horizon analysis from Zillow found that homeowners can still break even on a home purchase in less than two years[sup.
Marmore MENA Intelligence published a report on the fiscal breakeven oil price, the BEP which is the oil price that balances an oil-exporting country's budget.
The only country in the Mena that can still generate a fiscal surplus with current oil prices is Kuwait, which posts a breakeven price of $50 for 2015, as estimated by the International Monetary Fund.
The outlook for 2014 points to diminishing fiscal space, with actual and fiscal breakeven oil prices converging.
In particular, we look at the five-and ten-year inflation swap rates and the breakeven inflation rates.
The cumulative increase in fiscal breakeven estimates for the Gulf has been an eye-popping $42 per barrel on average between 2006 and 2011, underlining the increased sensitivity of GCC countries, particularly Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, to oil prices.
In the bond market, this news led to a rally in breakeven rates.
In order to perform effective breakeven analysis using the formulas illustrated above, you need to be able to identify all of your costs and assign them to fixed or variable "buckets.
Now the Bad News: The wind in the UK means that your generator will only be available, on average, 48 hours per week - the break-even now go up to 36 years and if these items are then only switched on for half that time, the breakeven increases to over 70 years.
Moreover, there is a radical-sounding, yet proven management approach that should be embraced by all metalcasting firms, regardless of what their top-line revenues, production volumes or imaginary breakeven points may be, to move beyond survival mode or mediocrity.
If the offer was "This newsletter costs $242 and is worth every dime," the breakeven number came down to 75.
Eventually, use of the expert reports would translate into raising the breakeven point for settlement purposes because adjustors would have to reevaluate the low offers they would ordinarily make.
hotel industry overall achieves breakeven occupancy at approximately 55.
If you want breakeven point in dollars, use CM ratio instead of unit CM in the denominator.
The key variables that determine the breakeven holding period are the pretax rates of return for the annuity and the mutual fund, the taxpayer's tax rate during the accumulation period, the taxpayer's tax rate at the time the annuity is shed out, whether the annuity's earnings are subject to the 10% penalty ta:x, (see the sidebar on pages 74-75 for a summary of income tax rules affecting annuities) and the annual charges imposed on an annuity in excess of those charged a mutual fund with similar risk and return characteristics.