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a form of solo dancing that involves rapid acrobatic moves in which different parts of the body touch the ground

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MK: But you have not forgotten how to danceSM: I am lucky, as I started to do breakdancing at about age 12.
He said: "Our focus is to raise the participation levels and skill levels of the children breakdancing in Coventry.
He tweeted: "It wasn't a dream - I'm still a masseur that does breakdancing, weddings, bar mitzvahs and christenings.
I find it more fulfilling than breakdancing," she says.
XBS is the production company for World Bboy Battle whose mission is to increase participation, growth and worldwide acceptance of extreme breakdancing sports.
I had not done breakdancing before and some of it was hard to start with, but I had fun.
The yuletide breakdancing was part of Manor Walks' ongoing Cramlington's Community Christmas events programme, which celebrates the importance of community and charity throughout the festive season and encourages shoppers to do likewise.
HIP HOP: Breakdancing battle in Newry on september 3
He's also confident that breakdancing as a hobby could spread in Yemen.
Breakdancing is his way to help the youth of Gaza begin dreaming and having fun again.
The injury had happened as pupils at Christopher Whitehead Language College in Bromwich Road, Worcester, practised breakdancing moves as part of a PE class.
AoThey were invited to come and appraise the breakdancing scene in Oman and were very impressed with the standard of dancing; they have now urged us to participate in international B-boys competitions.
During their live show in Amman, Havikoro will showcase the rapping, breakdancing and beatboxing skills that earned it international acclaim and a breakdancing world championship.
First time novelist Jill Murray has made an impressive debut with this highly original urban novel, written as a tribute to the art of breakdancing, and particularly to the girls who fight to make their way in a boy-dominated sport.
There's choreographed dancing, and then there's breakdancing, which is like in a circle.