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Synonyms for breakaway

Synonyms for breakaway

the act of breaking away or withdrawing from

having separated or advocating separation from another entity or policy or attitude

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That breakaway kept the party of Clem Attlee, Harold Wilson and Neil Kinnock out of power for more than 18 years and gave rise to New Labour under Tony Blair.
Anticipated fiduciary regulations from the Labor Department set off a "roller coaster" of breakaway advisor activity last year, and the anticipated legal implications of high-profile exits from the Protocol for Broker Recruiting could impact M&A this year, according to the latest Nuveen/DeVoe RIA Deal Book.
"Although the breakaway advisor activity has and will be whipsawed by external drivers, the underpinnings of established RIA sales essentially remain unchanged."
Nearly half of breakaways surveyed expect the brokerage industry to deteriorate significantly in 2018.
The survey finds that greater independence and flexibility in serving clients is what breakaways want most when making a move.
That's a quick update on Breakaways. Your report is important to us as we court potential investors.
The process for designing CCW Breakaways was much more than finding a pant style and sewing in a Holster-pocket.
In the second period Aaron McConkey broke in on a breakaway and narrowly put his shot wide.
The new-style Breakaways feature at all three of the Butlins Family Entertainment Resorts at Minehead, Bognor Regis, and Skegness.
MANY OF THE arguments presented for why a wirehouse broker might want to become a breakaway broker and adopt the independent RIA model focus on the softer issues: you have more control over your brand, you can exercise your entrepreneurial spirit, and you get to pick which products to use on behalf of your clients.
They won the toss and asked the Breakaways to roll first, a move which didn't prove to be anywhere near as successful as hoped.
"We said we would let breakaways take place and not defend the jersey."
Making the most of winning the toss and rolling second, the Mad Hatters established an 11-pin lead by the end of the third roll in the Ladies Knockout Cup final against the Carlylian Breakaways.
On all the other Make 'em Laugh Breakaways, Bobby will be joined by Cannon and Ball and rubber-faced impressionist Phil Cool.
Denver, CO, January 28, 2012 --( Avema, a global provider of telecom and wireless cost optimization software and services is pleased to announce a new partnership with Breakaway Services, a leading service provider focused on managing telecommunications services, assets and expenses for corporations.