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Synonyms for breakability

quality of being easily damaged or destroyed

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As a point of reference, the iPhone's closest contender which is the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ received breakability scores of 76 and 77 respectively.
Rating the phone's breakability score at 90 (high risk), SquareTrade dubbed the smartphone the brand's "most breakable, highest priced, most expensive to repair iPhone, ever."
Generally the difficulties in machining stainless steel are attributed to low thermal conductivity, work hardening and poor chip breakability, which characterise the machining of stainless steels together with short tool life and poor surface quality, resulting in low productivity and high machining costs.
[3] studied alternative cooling/lubrication conditions compared to conventional machining of Inconel 718 and its relation to chip breakability. Genetic algorithms (GA) were used to evaluate and optimize the machining process in terms of tool-life, machined surface quality, chip breakability, productivity, and power consumption.
The main point of this article is to examine the "breakability" of various major league single-season and career records.
Innovative packaging may actually add value to the product if it meets a consumer need such as portion control, recyclability, tamper-proofing, child-proofing, easy-open, easy-store, easy-carry, and non breakability.
The breakability of porcelain dolls is part and parcel of their attraction: not only for the aesthetic appeal of this fragile material but also because the larger the number of porcelain dolls that break, after all, the greater the value of those that stay intact.
Athavale and Strenkowski (10) presented a chip breaking model for orthogonal cutting and found that both chip geometry and chip ductility influences chip breakability. Kamiya and Yakou (11) performed turning tests for various wrought aluminium alloys to evaluate chip breakability.
(150) The standard in the LLMC is generally considered to allow breakability of limits only where the shipowner in fact knew and intended the damage to occur.
Maiti, "Multi-item inventory model of breakable items with stock-dependent demand under stock and time dependent breakability rate," Computers & Industrial Engineering, vol.59, no.
Coleman adds that olive oil is being packaged more and more in PET plastic, rather than glass, because of the cost savings and breakability factor, and also because it can save on freight costs and is easier to grip.
They thus conceal an object's inherent nature, especially when it comes to ceramics: that is, its breakability. Yet people in the pre-modern period had to think about durability as well as luxury in embracing the craze for ceramics.
The concepts that the students put forth as the reasoning of the metaphors that they have come up with regarding a malfunctioning educational system (disengagement, inconclusiveness, fruitlessness, inability to nourish, being dysfunctional, congestion, immovability, being unnatural, being enclosed, uselessness, defectiveness, breakability, superfluous size, immobility, emptiness, incoherence, artificiality and slipperiness), seem to be affirmative of the problems in the operation of a system.