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"They're really close friends and have been there for each other through both of their break-ups. This was a chance to let their hair down."
break-ups observed since 1983 were accompanied by a sovereign default by
The 24-year-old actress said that she loves taking her girlfriends to dancing, away from their worries and makes it a point to be with them through their break-ups, reported.
At times, certainly unpleasant, but that''s the nature of break-ups, I guess.
The socialite said the song was inspired by the break-ups she has had in previous relationships.
PHOTO | COURTESY class="MsoNormalSo, how should one deal with a break-up? "Avoid thinking about the break-up.
AN exhibition designed to ease the painful process of divorce has been postponed until the New Year - because organisers want to capitalise on more marriage break-ups over Christmas.
Although break-ups are always painful, these are relationships that we don't expect to end.
"The fundamental change in individual attitude and behaviour that is required is in our assumption that the way in which we conduct our private lives in relation to both the production and parenting of children or the break-up a parental relationship is a private matter which only affects the individuals directly concerned," he said.
Even break-ups from much longer term relationships can hurt less than at seven months.
It might be that the stress of the break-up led them to take up smoking, or that those in a stable marriage are more likely to quit.
Washington, Apr 2 (ANI): American country-pop singer Taylor Swift has revealed that she has no regrets about revealing her break-up with Jonas Brothers star Joe to the public.
Chief executive Carol O'Bryan said: "Increasingly we're dealing with the new homeless - people who have been living fairly comfortably until hit by job loss, family break-up or another crisis.
I AM appalled by Brian McFadden's behaviour in his marriage break-up.
She said: "There is a belief that a break-up is a failure.