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Synonyms for breakout

the act or an instance of escaping, as from confinement or difficulty

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Synonyms for breakout

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"Getting the right advice and putting the right protection in place will help break-outs get o to a -ying start and safeguard their businesses."
Such a finding is consistent with the larger number of students present in research university departments as well as with the well-understood research university practice of leveraging faculty time by having faculty teach large lecture classes supplemented with break-out sections taught by graduate students.
Teenagers Amanda Linner and Julia Engstrom have both been selected to play and will be hoping to make their own respective break-outs during the four-day tournament.
But in the 19th century, when travelling menageries and circuses traversed Britain and the US, such break-outs were far more common.
Masks fit securely and comfortably, without causing rashes or break-outs, and will not lint, tear or shred.
Each of the country-level reports is from 35 to 60 pages in length, with some presenting analysis of hourly, daily and weekly strategy consulting rate structures, and break-outs for large metropolitan area rates.
Break-outs have erupted across the country, with 99 cases recorded in Hampshire, 30 in London, 39 in Cheshire and Merseyside, and 54 in the West Midlands.
In addition to the production of TV programs, UNIC Beirut's partnership with the Arab Woman TV Channel also comprises supporting a number of existing programs that are being aired on the channel and the production of special reportages and customized break-ins break-outs on all international days of relevance to women.
The survey of 105 doctors and nurses who specialise in skin conditions found 41 per cent had seen a noticeable increase in stress-related break-outs. Five per cent cited a 'huge' increase and almost half had seen a slight increase.
Children under three years old are especially susceptible to break-outs of HFMD.
Give it a couple of days between use to avoid making break-outs and blemishes worse.
As his friends and staff will confirm, he has invariably kept the pledge with no illicit break-outs.
According to the company release, the new Vessel Manager's software and hardware help assure plant safety by warning of potential break-outs and provides trending data to establish efficient re-lining schedules.
In the third quarter, the company's newsprint segment had net income of $US28 million, compared to net income in the second quarter of $US1 million; AbitibiBowater did not provide break-outs specific to newsprint sales.