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Police are probing reports of four more break-ins in Johnstone.
He said: "In this type of case, you begin by looking for common denominators between break-ins. You look at the types of break-ins, locations and times, method of entry and what items are being taken.
Eventually Halfpenny, of Hoel Hermas,Penlan, Swansea, pleaded guilty to six house burglaries, one count of handling stolen goods - tools stolen from a break-in in Gorseinon were found in his vehicle but police could not tie him to the actual burglary - and the theft of a fishing reel from a Swansea shop when he appeared in the dock atSwansea Crown Court.
The source revealed that his three accomplices were all trained in a specific task and each had roles as electricians or lock-pickers when carrying out the break-ins.
The incident comes at a time when the city has already faced several shocking car break-ins recently.
In an article covering the most recent developments in the case against Wilson, as well as other high-profile shootings related to home break-ins, the Oregonian featured an interview with a law professor on August 19 about the economics of home break-ins.
While residential break-ins are down about 6 percent this year compared to last year, police know every resident burglarized is affected.
A BURGLAR who stole 12 cars from driveways in just three weeks during a series of early morning break-ins has been jailed for four years.
Instead of relying on locks and alarms, they've taken to sleeping at the shop in order to prevent break-ins, according to an NBC40 report.
A series of break-ins in Texas illustrate how difficult it can be to distinguish a garden-variety crime from preparation for an act of terrorism.
If crime continues to rise, so will the percentage chance of a residential break-in for those who haven't been hit.
I wish Emery had been less loftily dismissive and more eager to grapple with some of the Hougan-Colodny-Gettlin material: for example, the key to a DNC secretary's desk that was found on burglar Eugenio Martinez the night of the second Watergate break-in. Martinez said he had gotten the key from Howard Hunt, and presumably it would have provided access to a principal target of the burglary.
He told the Paisley Daily Express: "I had heard there had been a break-in in Castle Gardens and then we saw a few police cars in the area over the last few days.
Chief Anderson said they should bring a copy of a police report they filed about their break-in. Any other information about the stolen items, including photographs or sales receipts, would also be helpful.
Staff arriving for work yesterday morning discovered the break-in.