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The event was attended by the Ambassador of Germany to Qatar, HE Angelika Storz-Chakarji and fans of classical music, break-dance, and innovative performances in Doha.
In order for Dubai to thrive on the forefront of this new wave of break-dance, the groups need to do more than fashion urban street-wear out of generic clothes.
Exit is a mix of hip hop, break-dance and dance theatre which aims to break down the barriers of stereotypical assumptions.
BREAK-DANCE sensation George Sampson is set to become a boy millionaire after being crowned shock winner of Britain's Got Talent.
The University of Oregon Asian Pacific American Student Union is hosting a break-dance battle at 6 p.m.
However, to become the break-dance world champion demanded more from Ronnie than just fluidity, expression and the other things he mentions.
"But we have just developed our own strain, our own direction, separately, but exactly in the hip-hop, the break-dance, the funk style." Russian cities are full of young people dressed in saggy jeans, bandannas, and T-shirts.
The housemates' first task of the series was to devise their own break-dance routine.
Their work will be worn by artists during the UK's only outdoor international break-dance crew competition.
Public activities such as improvised street concerts and break-dance gatherings are repressed.
As well as performing, they will be teaching one of the presenters, Konnie Huq, how to break-dance.
Idols, in Newgate Street, is looking for anyone who can sing, dance, break-dance, bottle flair, fire dance or has any other relevant talent.
There are performances of break-dancing from Afro-Kensington Break-dance, songs from the South African Gospel choir and a display of silky skill football.
WHOEVER WOULD have thought that break-dance, hip-hop and disc-jockeying could become the core of an anti-poverty strategy?
Festival director Guy Darmet chose, for the first time, to kick off this, his 11th Biennale, with a break-dance extravaganza, "Dei'hip hop," as a tribute to the street art that has taken Europe by storm.