break with

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end a relationship

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Everyone's really busy and the pace of life seems to be getting faster and faster, so it's increasingly hard to find a few minutes to clear your mind and refuel, and that inspired us to encourage people to take a break with a naturally delicious, satisfying Chobani Flip," said Peter McGuinness, Chief Marketing and Brand Officer for Chobani.
That may result in a pass over the top of the full-court press and result in a 2-on-1 fast break with #2 and #5.
Because Acacia entered bud break with a full soil moisture profile and full ponds, Hall said she was able to plant 34 acres of Pinot Noir rootstock this spring for the winery's estate vineyard.
4 times 10 to the 38th power times as strong, making it impossible to break with existing technology as well as any technology in the foreseeable future.
Born out of a desire to produce a significant alternative spring break experience for college students, The Jamaica Tourist Board, Glory Music, and Jamaica Soul Vacations joined forces to create "Fun in the SON" - Gospel Spring Break with the hopes of it becoming a highly anticipated annual event.