break wind

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expel intestinal gases through the anus

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In the early 1990s its National Liver and Intestine Foundation launched a publicity campaign encouraging people to break wind at least 15 times a day
So if you're going to beat up the prima donnas for being too elitist, find a better stick than a competition which is so snobbish that a Royal's horse only has to break wind to make the short-list.
I LOVE giving and receiving Christmas presents, but was horrified to see in a well-known store useless and over-priced gifts, the most offensive of which was a Father Christmas who could break wind.
I frequently break wind despite of having very good food habits and my family are constantly getting on to me about it.
One of many ways in which my father used to express his feelings about our country's first female prime minister was to break wind at the television whenever she appeared on it.
Other exhibits will burp, break wind, sneeze or even vomit to order, while a giant wall of fake human skin allows children to climb using spots, warts and bruises as hand and footholds.
A SELF-CONFESSED "old fart" who was asked by his social club to go outside to break wind is in hospital - after he was blown over by a gale.
When she smelt it, she'd break wind with excitement and whisper a soundbite bringing publicity to her French nursing home.