break wind

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expel intestinal gases through the anus

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With regard to the continued onslaught against smokers and some of their paranoid critics, can we now have a no breaking wind campaign in Newcastle where members of the public are not allowed to break wind in public?
The hi-tech Robosapien toy can walk, grip, pick up, throw, kick, dance, kung-fu, break wind, burp, rap and more, roles normally performed by an embarrassing uncle at Christmas time.
I break wind throughout the day, and like my second as much as my first or any other.
Lineker's attempts to steal crisps from stars such as radio DJ Zoe Ball, actress Kate Winslet and comedian Frank Skinner fail when they break wind at the last moment.
And unlike their cartoon kids, they didn't break wind once during the interview.
Aye and if you've ever tried to break wind after a heavy curry you'll know risk-taking can also be in your jeans.