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Synonyms for break


stop working




give up


stop briefly



be revealed




break away


break down: stop working


break down: fail


break down: be overcome


break free of something or someone


  • escape (from)
  • leave
  • withdraw from
  • extricate yourself from
  • free yourself of
  • disentangle yourself from

break in: break and enter


  • break and enter
  • burst in
  • enter
  • gain access

break in: interrupt


break into something: burgle


break into something: begin


break off


break out: escape


break someone in


break something down: divide up

break something down: demolish

break something in

break something off: bring to an end


break through


break through something: penetrate


break through something: pierce


break up: finish


break up: split up


break up: scatter

break with something or someone


Synonyms for break

to crack or split into two or more fragments by means of or as a result of force, a blow, or strain

to become or cause to become apart one from another

to make a hole or other opening in

to pass into or through by overcoming resistance

to find the key to (a code, for example)

to be made public

to make or become unusable or inoperative


to impair severely something such as the spirit, health, or effectiveness of

to give way mentally and emotionally

to suddenly lose all health or strength

to reduce to financial insolvency

to undergo sudden financial failure

to lower in rank or grade

to fail to fulfill (a promise) or conform to (a regulation)

to refuse or fail to obey

to desist from, cease, or discontinue (a habit, for example)

to interrupt regular activity for a short period


to make (an animal) docile

break down: to cease functioning properly

break down: to separate into parts for study

break down: to take (something) apart

break down: to reduce or become reduced to pieces or components

break down: to become or cause to become rotten or unsound

break in: to enter forcibly or illegally

break in: to interject remarks or questions into another's discourse

break off: to stop suddenly, as a conversation, activity, or relationship

break off: to cease trying to accomplish or continue

break off: to terminate a relationship or an association by or as if by leaving one another

break out: to become manifest suddenly and in full force

break out: to break loose and leave suddenly, as from confinement or from a difficult or threatening situation

break up: to make a division into parts, sections, or branches

break up: to reduce or become reduced to pieces or components

break up: to terminate a relationship or an association by or as if by leaving one another

break up: to express great amusement or mirth

an opening, especially in a solid structure

a usually narrow partial opening caused by splitting and rupture

the act or an instance of escaping, as from confinement or difficulty

an interval during which continuity is suspended

a pause or interval, as from work or duty

a favorable or advantageous combination of circumstances

Synonyms for break

an unexpected piece of good luck

(geology) a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other

a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions)

a pause from doing something (as work)

the occurrence of breaking

an abrupt change in the tone or register of the voice (as at puberty or due to emotion)

the opening shot that scatters the balls in billiards or pool

(tennis) a score consisting of winning a game when your opponent was serving

a sudden dash

any frame in which a bowler fails to make a strike or spare


Related Words

render inoperable or ineffective

move away or escape suddenly

scatter or part

force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up

enter someone's (virtual or real) property in an unauthorized manner, usually with the intent to steal or commit a violent act


make submissive, obedient, or useful

fail to agree with

surpass in excellence

come into being

Related Words

interrupt a continued activity

make a rupture in the ranks of the enemy or one's own by quitting or fleeing

curl over and fall apart in surf or foam, of waves

lessen in force or effect

be broken in

Related Words

come to an end

vary or interrupt a uniformity or continuity

Related Words

cause to give up a habit

Related Words

come forth or begin from a state of latency

Related Words

cause the failure or ruin of

Related Words


invalidate by judicial action

reduce to bankruptcy

Related Words

change directions suddenly

Related Words

emerge from the surface of a body of water

Related Words

exchange for smaller units of money

destroy the completeness of a set of related items


make the opening shot that scatters the balls

Related Words

separate from a clinch, in boxing

break a piece from a whole

Related Words

become punctured or penetrated

Related Words

pierce or penetrate

interrupt the flow of current in

undergo breaking

find a flaw in

Related Words

find the solution or key to

change suddenly from one tone quality or register to another

Related Words

become fractured



Related Words

fall sharply

fracture a bone of


Related Words

diminish or discontinue abruptly

weaken or destroy in spirit or body

Related Words

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It's easy for us to break the ice over the wetlands as compared to the ground and feed the birds.
Men most often break the ice with clients by telling jokes; women don't respond well to that approach.
What Weymes didn't foresee was that it would take Gracious Air until she was a four-year-old to break the ice at her 13th attempt, but the former trainer was delighted all the same for Scothern, who is currently in hospital recovering from a hip-replacement operation.
Q I keep being told not to break the ice on my fish pond.
The point was to break the ice of the child's unconscious, to let the slush pour forth in vivid associations and waking dreams.
If the prospect of being the first to break the ice and talk to one another is too daunting, then why not put pen to paper and send him a note?
But you'll soon discover how friendly people are when a dog is around to break the ice.
Not that an anarchic round-the-mulberry-bush argument, possibly a shouting match, will automatically lead us to virtue, but it might just break the ice.
They are willing to go for a limited "experimental" plan earmarked for poor children--anything to break the ice, to get the camel's nose into the tent.
A'And Ain el Tineh sponsors "break the ice" AL-AKHBAR: Cold dialogue Al Khalil to Al-Akhbar: Aoun is our candidate and who has different opinion should go and talk to him THE DAILYSTAR: Future, Hezbollah to break the ice Officials from the Future Movement and Hezbollah will sit face to face Tuesday, marking the start of a dialogue aimed at easing sectarian tensions in Lebanon and paving the way for the election of a president.
A BOAT was used to break the ice before the fishing started on the Carp Lake at Holgan Farm, but most of the anglers had a fish or two and winner Jim Hutton switched between maggots, sweetcorn and pellet baits to net carp to 7lb and win with 64lb.
It only needs someone to break the ice and this hasn't been done.
That opened things right up and let in canal ace Jon Arthur, who put a winning 13-7-0 of small roach on the scales despite having to break the ice and fish for five hours with a cracked rib, sustained while "having a play fight" with Lee
PETER SURTEES, of Eastern Green, Coventry, said: "We put out birdseed all year for these delightful creatures, we break the ice on the birdbaths to ensure they have a drink in the winter and in the spring, when they are feeding their young, we even dig up worms for them.
Robert Hales has asked Spearites to become fans of the Britney Break The Ice Bebo profile at www.