break open

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Synonyms for break open

open with force

Related Words

come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure

erupt or intensify suddenly

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He has given them notice and that if they persist in hoarding, he will break open the warehouses," he said.
The owners of such type of busses say that a hammer is kept in those busses to break open the rear glass panel and flee for safety in case of any emergency.
Bank officials said that the burglars had managed to break open only two lockers.
They besieged the board building and tried to break open the gate.
"We need to break open the closed circle of Westminster and Whitehall, and of the boardrooms too," he said in a statement.
And that free-kick was so important to break open the game."
Paul Mazan's "Tightening Break Open Actions" in the November 2015 issue gives pointers on tightening old break open action shotguns and there are plenty of old guns out there to be improved.
Family raced to break open the sarcophagus but found the girl unconscious with signs she had desperately tried to escape her coffin.
the middle of my quiet, quiet, quiet day, pray break open,
The articles by Tom Beckstrand on the Tac-Con 3MR trigger and Nightforce's new BEAST scope make me want to break open my piggy bank and go wild.
Alan Milburn said that it was time to "break open the closed shop" where a privately-educated graduate is more likely to get a top job than a state-educated graduate with identical qualifications.
The forward compartment had been destroyed in the fire and the rescuers had to break open the jammed hatches to enter the area, a statement issued on Sunday by the Indian Navy said.