break open

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  • verb

Synonyms for break open

open with force

Related Words

come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure

erupt or intensify suddenly

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The Point break Open Water Challenge requires different strategies especially being able to navigate in open water.
Considering the conduct of the accused and the condition of the victim who is looking for a roof over her and her child's head, I hereby direct the station house officer ( SHO) of the Tilak Nagar police station to break open the locks of her matrimonial home and hand over its possession to her," magistrate Shivali Sharma stated in a recent order.
So in my desperate state I was just about to break open the Jammy Dodgers in exchange for a cuddle when something wonderful happened.
1 : to break open or in pieces (as by an explosion from within) <bombs bursting in air> <buds bursting open>
Third-quarter touchdowns by Chris McCabe, Steve Gourley and Brad Willhite helped Grace Brethren break open the game.
During the day, break open Vitamin A capsules and rub the oil on the area.