break off

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Synonyms for break off

interrupt before its natural or planned end

break a piece from a whole

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break a small piece off from

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But that does not mean that on that ground alone, we should break off our dialogue with Pakistan," Sibal told reporters here in response to question on the Sarabjit issue.
Don't pull to the side or they'll break off and be hard to get out.
Semi finals (best of 11 with final best of 13) John Martin v Ben Swinnerton (break off 2pm), Brad Read v Andy Bassett (break off 3.15pm).
The polystyrene foam that helps boat docks stay afloat can break off in large chunks, littering the lakescape and posing a boating hazard.
Electricite de France (EdF) has made a unilateral move to break off talks on a possible alliance with a small Belgian power firm, Societe Publique d'electricite (SPE).
In written etic discourse, which is, after all, a linear string of syntagms, one may need to 'break off in order to 'enflesh' a character...." I'll confess I have nev er used "discourse" as a verb.
Sometimes, the stresses are strong enough to break off chunks of the comet's nucleus.
The impacting pellets cleanly break off the flash without damaging the rubber parts.
Mr Black said investigators were almost certain the 27ft tail was the first part to break off the Airbus A300.