break off

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Synonyms for break off

interrupt before its natural or planned end

break a piece from a whole

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break a small piece off from

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Technetics indicated that it did not find the revised offer acceptable, and the parties mutually agreed to break off current discussions regarding the purchase of Technetics by I-PAC.
If your HMMWV's geared hub lockwashers are not bent properly into the locknut slots, then the tabs are more likely to crack or break off.
Erstad has bone spurs in the ankle, and there is a chance they can break off and become bone chips, if they haven't already.
In the past, scientists had monitored the ice loss from Greenland principally by measuring the icebergs that break off into the sea.
The company said the Texoil quote in the Chronicle -- `` `There were some issues we could not get together on by the time of the (Thursday) deadline,' Ruben Medrano, interim Texoil president, said of the decision to break off talks with Fortune.
The majority break off or spit the hook when they put on one of their aerial tail-walking displays that so excite big-game anglers.
But if you break off a part of the wing, particularly the front part with the strong vein, the butterfly will most likely die," Opler says.
Many types of leukemia, cancer of the white blood cells, are caused when pieces of two chromosomes break off and exchange places within the cells, prompting their abnormal growth.
When you ram a connector on without matching the lugs to the keyways, you break off the lugs.