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He won by the same score with breaks of 67 and 94 and what proved the top break of the day - 103.
Having to concede at least 42-points-a-frame start to a scratch player and a lot more in some other cases, Wilson started his campaign with a 3-1 win over Sweden visitor Max Nettleton (off 77) - which included the highest break of the day of 106.
There was some consolation for Pontardawe's Carney as he had the highest break of the day with a 59 against Cardigan's Don Newcombe.
After sharing the first four frames, it was Slessor's deciding-frame break of 118 which not only won him the match 3-2 and the winner's PS120 prize but also earned him the PS10 highest break of the day award - which had previously been held by Wilson with a 116.
The highest break of the day in Swansea was an excellent 103 by Welsh international Mathew Farrant (Bridgend) against Ross Jones who he beat by three frames to one (31).
In the semi-finals, Hunter's 3-0 whitewash against Durham's Robbie Purdham included the highest break of the day award - a third-frame 75.
Dewar also had his top break of the day in his semi after chalking up a 69 in a 3-1 defeat of local player John Ronan.
Rhodes' 3-1 semi final defeat of Newbiggin's Brian Chilton included a superb 118 second-frame clearance, which earned the former Durham professional the top break of the day award.