break loose

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Happily no other harm was done than wounding one mule, and causing several horses to break loose from their pickets.
The Yukon was straining to break loose the ice that bound it down.
With the United States in bellicose mood, with the British Parliament having vetoed London's entry into a joint military program with Washington over Syria, with the Russians not ready to countenance any strike on Syria, it was fair to suppose that all hell would break loose once again in the Middle East.
If you don't, the cable could break loose from the THOR III's J5 connector.
When they turn brown and break loose in the fall winds, they roll like giant beach balls, sometimes scattering their seeds for a mile or more.
But just when you think she's set to break loose in songs such as Lonesome Road, she drifts off centre stage and lets her backing band indulge themselves.
If this market goes south--and it might not be everywhere, but in isolated pockets--all hell is going to break loose.