break even

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Antonyms for break even

make neither profit nor loss

attain a level at which there is neither gain nor loss, as in business, gambling, or a competitive sport

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To determine the volume of sales you will need to break even, multiply the number of units you must sell by the selling price.
Mr Morgan said: "If we are going to pursue a policy of debt and loan write off and spending money to help boards break even then we need to apply the same policy across the board."
He said: 'We will only break even this year if we can achieve a pounds 15 million cost improvement programme and receive the expected support from outside Worcestershire.
'I will present a balance sheet that is either break even or has a bit left over.'
'There's absolutely an urgency to break even and go way past break-even.
Global Banking News-May 7, 2013--SBI General Insurance looking to break even by FY 2015(C)2013 ENPublishing -
It is targeting to break even by the end of this year.
'We clearly will further strive to break even in 2002, just with more challenging conditions.'
Global Banking News-April 15, 2013--India First to break even by 2015(C)2013 ENPublishing -
now pledged to sign up 2,500 schools by the end of the current academic year and have 5,000 using its software by 2003, at which point it will break even.
Global Banking News-March 28, 2013--FirstRand Bank to break even by next fiscal in India(C)2013 ENPublishing -
Egg - the UK's pioneering Internet bank based in the West Midlands - yesterday confirmed it was on track to break even later this year after announcing a solid set of first quarter results.
Global Banking News-3 April 2009-Deutsche Postbank to break even in Q1, CEO(C)2009 ENPublishing -
Eurotunnel may break even before its projected 2004 deadline as long as it maintains the speed of its recovery, according to executive chairman Mr Patrick Ponsolle.
Global Banking News-12 February 2009-Kotak-Old Mutal insurance JV to break even in fiscal 2010(C)2009 ENPublishing -