break down

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  • verb

Synonyms for break down

make ineffective


Related Words

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

lose control of one's emotions

fall apart

cause to fall or collapse

Related Words

separate (substances) into constituent elements or parts

collapse due to fatigue, an illness, or a sudden attack

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Male drivers are 50 per cent more likely to break down by running out of petrol than women, at 12 per cent versus eight per cent, based on a survey of more than 2,000 UK drivers.
While it is certainly more common to have one piece of equipment break down, it is not uncommon to have an electrical surge burnout everything plugged into an outlet.
Facilities Management: Break down all operating expenses (cleaning, repairs and maintenance, utilities, grounds and security, administrative costs and fixed costs) into separate cost categories on a building-by-building basis.
The protein CYP3A5 is part of the family of CYP3A enzymes, which break down cholesterol-lowering, anticancer, anti-HIV, and immunosuppressant drugs passing through the digestive system.
Nevertheless, when Michael Landy was planning Break Down, 2001, his Times/Artangel Open commission, he decided to catalogue, weigh, dismantle, and pulverize all his worldly goods, irrespective of their commodity value or personal significance.
To help break down barriers even more, the Special Olympics sponsors programs that encourage people to reach out to those with mental retardation.
The question now is when does the receiver break down the block?
It would seem that they ought to break down by the strong interaction too, but they don't; break down far more slowly by way of the weak interaction.
MINNEAPOLIS -- According to a new survey(a) from Ontrack Data Recovery, the world's leading data recovery provider, a majority of people invite the loss of critical computer data by waiting for their computers to break down and neglecting proper backup procedures.
Tenders are invited for ((1)Attending Electrical repairs @ Chinna panduru, Talapula Pakala & Srikalahasti) in connection with Attending Urgent nature of break down works of Electrical installations in Chittoor SSA (Phase.
1 : to break down or cause to break down slowly by natural processes <Fruit decayed on the ground.
When tiny organisms such as yeast break down sugars to obtain energy, they produce ethanol.
So bacteria--which survive on oxygen--can't break down a body's flesh.
Microbial fuel cells take advantage of the long-known fact that some microbes produce electricity when they break down organic matter.
THE new LUAS system faces chaos if trams break down on the tracks.