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a form of solo dancing that involves rapid acrobatic moves in which different parts of the body touch the ground

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A similar row could yet emerge should the sport be included at Paris 2024, with Erwin Mahroug, President of breakdancing media company bboyworld, having claimed the break dancing community had not been involved in any attempts to include it at Paris 2024.
Hajar Chaiboub, 21, started break dancing at the age of 13.
Break dancing has become an increasingly popular pastime among Lebanese youth.
SISTER ACT: Siblings Monica Bhatti (11) and Sonam Bhatti (14) perform Bollywood dancing as 'Desi Girls' TELLING TALES: Story-teller Joe Jurczak (11) TRIBUTE ACT: Danait Tesfay (13) sings Amy Winehouse PULLING OUT THE STOPS: Kevin Pragas (18) break dancing COLOURFUL: Sonam Bhatti (14) dancing LITTLE VOICE: Jodie Youell (14) singing SUPERSTYLIN': Alvie Hussain (14) beatboxing HAT'S GOOD: Rapper, Ezekiel Amah (14) SHOWBOATING: Kevin Pragas (18) breakdancing SUPER GROUP: Performers in the show at Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School
The Street Wolves otherwise known as Gorgakani Sar Shaqam are a group of Kurdish boys who have formed a break dancing group and have given performances in key concerts and shows since their formation in 2006.
This 28-year-old dancer said that the band tries to interpret break dancing into the Korean way combining contemporary break dance with traditional music and dances.The bands performed in Egypt, and their on-going tour also included performances in Jordan on October, 17-18 before moving on to Kuwait.Moreover, the dinner featured several dishes of Korean cuisine to emphasis its presence in the Korean culture as a whole.
Over five days, the group learned all the moves of break dancing from lockin' and poppin' to moonwalkin'.
Whatever the case maybe, break dancing - an athletic urban dance form that originated from the streets of urban America - has become a popular pastime in the Kingdom.
Break dancing is a popular activity in teenagers and is associated with severe trauma to bones and tissues.
A BREAK dancing troupe fly the flag for Birmingham this weekend as it attempts to win through to the world championships.
Look out for Cathy Jamieson in a spangly skirt with a performing dog, Tommy Sheridan break dancing on the streets of Shettleston and maybe even Nicola Sturgeon cracking a smile.
But one thing he was less keen to attempt was the break dancing moves.
This includes a community of young men who live the "b-boy" life--meaning they are devotees of break dancing. It came to us mostly from America," says Maksim Pavlenko, 29.
If you're one of those people who thinks break dancing went the way of parachute pants, Flock of Seagulls records and Molly Ringwald movies, 23-year-old Seattle resident Jenna Hikida has news for you: Not only is breakin' alive and well, but after all these years, it's finally come out of the closet.
"Aaron's infectious blend of hip-hop, break dancing, and modern dance is something to behold and should not be missed," Simoa said.