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Synonyms for break dance

a form of solo dancing that involves rapid acrobatic moves in which different parts of the body touch the ground

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Some 16 adults took part in break dance competition.
"We could even build our own local break dance crew who can representNuneatonand potentially travel the break dance circuit, battling and competing against the best, and with Jai's talents and teaching abilities I really believe we can do this."
On Saturday: 4pm- 5pm Bruce Almighty: Bboying (Break Dance) Introductory Workshop for beginners, 5pm-6pm -DJ Renegate: DJ Demonstration Workshop, 6pm-8pm Bruce Almighty presents his Bboying (Break Dance) professional workshop, and at 9pm there is a welcome party.
Many residents and visitors from the audience too are coming forward to show off their break dance moves alongside the professional dancers -- bringing people from different walks of life together as they share moments of fun and excitement together.
The group considers the success of the concerts as a milestone.One of the major problems the group faces is the lack of professional break dance teachers in the region.
With a choice of flamenco, African, break dance, robotics and contemporary movement, the new programme is aiming to ensure a truly international flavour.
The Kombat Breakers who will set out to teach Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq (inset) how to break dance.
Thus began his "beyond break dance" journey of choreographing narratives based on the hip hop movement vocabulary and his real life experiences.
The lyrics of the opening track, "Ain't Nothing Wrong with That," update Sly's ode to everyday people, promising to reconcile "break dance and slam dance ...
"Any Place You've Ever Been," "Rituals and Improvisations," "The Simplest of All Mysteries," "Resistance as Memory," and "Dangerous Doubts" are metaphorically the feet that cause us to shake, rumba, shuffle, salsa, tango, Lindy Hop, and break dance to the poems that are truly the dance.
The group will bring 10 performers to Eugene for a night of hip-hop, break dance and acrobatic entertainment.
Linyekula's vocabulary is polyglot, drawing from ballet, break dance, butoh, and African folk and pop dances.
Cowan told Radio Scotland listeners that as a boy he put Moon Dust, which crackles and pops on the tongue, into a cat's mouth and laughed as he watched it "break dance".
When invited to break dance and then, of course, shows his black friends (Leon Chesney and John Christian, who have all the right moves) that shy guys can boogie too.
Caspian Style Jam break dance and hip-hop competition will be held at Baku Olympic Stadium on June 9.