break camp

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leave a camp


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Spring break camps begin March 26 and run through March 30 and summer camps run June 11 through July 27.
They added that without any assurance from President Duterte that their concerns would be addressed, the Zambales protesters will not break camp.
River Road Park and Recreation: 1400 Lake Drive, hosts a Spring Break Camp from 9 a.
Synopsis: In the California heartland of 1932, at a migrant labor camp whose very name means forgotten, a child's sudden illness leads to tensions between workers wishing to break camp and the land barons enforcing their contracts.
Eventually, senior officers intervened and the revolting recruits, defending the right of their colleague to break camp rules, returned to their barracks.
All my equipment was in the back of the truck, so it was simple to make and break camp daily.
The initiative also includes paid internship opportunities for 10 upper-class students to assist teachers with spring break camp and 16 internships and 10 scholarships for the museum's Flight School Summer Camp.
We should be grateful that an elite athlete remains so in thrall to his coach, Ivan Lendl, he refused to break camp, and his preparations for next month's Australian Open, to let a 12,000 audience fawn all over him.
They took us down railway Lines, through the woods, down rivers and lakes, taught us how to make and break camp and not least of all, opened us to the power of ghost stories and legends to haunt our imaginations.
The athletes will break camp close to the start of competition on July 27 and move into the athletes' village, where they will remain until the conclusion of the Games on August 12.
0x20 The contract will pay him $850,000 should he break camp with the team with performance bonuses that could push the deal's total value to $1.
Just as we were about to break camp for the night, a duvet in three earthtone colors leapt in front of us.
When it's time to break camp, up go the beds and in go the ATVs.
We have only half a day in the field, during which we must extract some fossils, jacket others, break camp, and head back to civilization.