break apart

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  • verb

Synonyms for break apart

take apart into its constituent pieces

break violently or noisily

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break up or separate

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If you can't get the streams to join together or break apart, use another cup and make holes in it that are closer together or farther apart.
The Vysis ALK Break Apart FISH Probe test detects ALK gene rearrangements and is currently the only diagnostic test that has been clinically approved as a means to predict response to the targeted therapy XALKORI.
Health company Abbott (NYSE:ABT) reported on Friday the receipt of approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a new molecular diagnostic test, called The new Abbott Vysis ALK Break Apart FISH Probe test, for lung cancer.
When the Earth's crust breaks into plates, these plates - constantly in motion - sometimes collide and fuse, or they can break apart to form new ones.
But the Republican coalition will break apart, too.
About 167 million years ago, the great southern continent called Gondwana began to break apart. As part of that process, eastern South America became a highland, the researchers speculate.
Allied Erecting & Dismantling machine operator Keith Finch says he was able to break apart the generator and separate the cast iron from the copper in just one half-hour using the automated equipment.
The forms that the artist has chosen to suggest this--replicas of real vehicles that were built, piloted, and often destroyed in test runs--are all somehow embryonic and risky: rockets that were not thoroughly tested, since their makers were aware of imminent defeat; unstable and disproportionate fighter planes, which turned out to be impossible to maneuver; cars that would tip over or break apart if they encountered a mere pebble in their path.
Lab technicians load suspect samples into a carousel within the analyzer where they're "cooked and cooled" repeatedly so strands of DNA break apart and replicate to make copies of themselves.
After printing, each card can break apart into three smaller cards that are typically carried on a user's key chain.
Without lube, the swing arm seizes up, causing the suspension to break apart. In Iraq, several earthmovers have met their demise that way.
As enormous chunks of the ice formation break apart and crash into the sea, its impact reverberates for miles.
It uses recombinant DNA-produced enzymes to break apart cellulose to produce sugars.