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one whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents

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According to the survey, breadwinners reported a median of approximately $300,000 in life insurance coverage.
However, the past decades have seen an apparent increase in women as breadwinners for their families, according to Caritas Internationalis, a confederation of Catholic relief and development organisations operating in more than 200 countries.
Experts put pampered blokes' cheating down to a threat to "gender identity" - they feel less of a man if they're not the main breadwinner.
Female breadwinners also have to deal with guilt and resentment as they struggle with societal and personal expectations of themselves and their partners
The first version originated with the New Poor Law of 1834, which did not assume that all working men should be breadwinners who could keep their wives at home, that women should be dependents rather than wage earners.
The family lost their breadwinner and emotions are still high.
It is also necessary to help them increase household income and eliminate the phenomena of child labour and street children, especially as the country has a large number of female breadwinners, El Kosayer said.
Men who were raised to be the main breadwinner may feel they are falling short, and may be made to feel inadequate by their peers, family members, and even their spouse and children,' Deborah Carr, Professor at Boston University in the US.
The nail-biting accusations against her husband included: how he had numerous affairs, including one with 'Edible Catering'; how while she was in Jamaica filming a music video, she had a sudden miscarriage, and as she was recovering in hospital from losing their (second) child, her husband was playing away back in Nigeria; how she dis- covered that Balogun had another child, conceived during their relationship; how she was the main breadwinner but as her manager, Balogun fraudulently and frequently stole from her because he "lived above his means".
I'm not unhappy with my new role, which has surprised me, but I do feel guilty as I was brought up to believe men were the breadwinners and women were the homemakers.
It also relaxed the time period of death reporting from one year to three years, which will enable about twenty eight thousand beneficiary families to get one hundred thousand rupees whose breadwinners have died more than a year ago.
Manama: More than 130,000 Bahraini breadwinners have so far been registered for cash payouts they will receive once government meat subsidies are scrapped.
More surprisingly although such female breadwinners may be on the rise, it seems that most women are still not expected to become "the richer sex".
UK families with female breadwinners have household incomes on average 28% lower than homes where the primary earner is male, according to research released today.
Most of the breadwinners of those homes are ordinary workers in the Gulf who cannot afford such a luxury.