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one whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents

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The AMT also penalizes middle class breadwinners with dependents compared to similar earners with homemaking spouses.
It was not until 1990 that men were provided with the same allowance if they were primary carer, (79) a reflection of the view of male roles as breadwinners, not carers.
Lahj, Yemen 17 March 2019 SPA -- King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has concluded pilot project management courses in Al-Hawtah Directorate in Lahj Governorate for the household breadwinner sector within the Yemen Livelihood Improvement Project.
For many households, the main source of income is the monthly salary of an employed breadwinner or employed breadwinners.
"However, if there are at least two breadwinners, families can escape from poverty.
These breadwinners include widows and divorced women, wives of patients with incurable diseases, wives of incapacitated husbands, wives of prisoners, or abandoned wives.
Bahraini families qualify to receive between 50 per cent to 150 per cent of the salary of the main breadwinner every month depending on criteria that the government is currently drawing up after a consensus with legislators was reached last month.
They informed the court on Thursday that they were "mere security guards" who needed reasonable bond terms and added they were their family's breadwinners.
Work force participation has expanded over the past two decades as households gained more breadwinners, particularly households low on the income ladder.
Previous research has found that while women who are the main breadwinners may try harder to keep their marriage on track, their husbands are more likely to abuse them or cut back on their contribution to housework.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, due to the earlier considered unique idiosyncrasies of South Africa's past, working women have furthered their domestic, economic and societal influence by becoming primary breadwinners in their homes.
I'm not unhappy with my new role, which has surprised me, but I do feel guilty as I was brought up to believe men were the breadwinners and women were the homemakers.
It also relaxed the time period of death reporting from one year to three years, which will enable about twenty eight thousand beneficiary families to get one hundred thousand rupees whose breadwinners have died more than a year ago.
MORE women than ever are outpacing men as the primary household earners within families across the UK, giving rise to a new breed of "maternal breadwinners".
Most of the breadwinners of those homes are ordinary workers in the Gulf who cannot afford such a luxury.