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one whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents

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They informed the court on Thursday that they were "mere security guards" who needed reasonable bond terms and added they were their family's breadwinners.
Highlights include an amazing programme of workshops, talks and slideshows; an art exhibition; stand up comedy with 2D animation and anarchic projections from Bec Hill and Howard Read, live animation from Hungarian group Bandart; the premiere of animated series Cul an Ti (TG4, Paper Panther, Cartoon Saloon) with live music from Kila, Lisa Hannigan and special guests; and the Hometown Gala Premiere of Cartoon Saloon's Oscar and Golden Globe-nominated feature The Breadwinner, with a special post -show interview with director, Nora Twomey.
The deceased was the resident of Liaquatabad and was the only breadwinner for his family.
The study showed that when such men are toppled from the position of breadwinner, they may also seek to regain their manliness through smoking, drinking and eating unhealthily.
He doesn't want people to know that I am the breadwinner.
When couples are in it for the long haul, it's normal to go through periods where one is the main breadwinner or where one of you is earning and the other isn't, and those roles can change several times in a lifetime.
Forbidden to earn money as a girl, Parvana must transform herself into a boy, and become the breadwinner.
A breadwinner is classified as someone who supports a family and details of enrolment were announced by the Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) yesterday.
Director of Counseling and Client Services Nina Heck says each breadwinner mom's financial challenges are grounded in her unique situation.
Contract notice: Stand construction ministry of agriculture and rural development at the fair breadwinner earth 2014 held in ceske budejovice.
It seems there is a new balance between breadwinning and caring within our households and we can no longer assume that the man is the primary breadwinner.
THE CENTRE'S ambitious Family Benefit Scheme, aimed at sustaining BPL families after the death of their primary breadwinner, is faltering.
Its programs, such as jobs and jobs training, propped up the white, male, heterosexual breadwinner of the traditional family, in which the husband worked while the wife remained at home with the kids.
Their family members who sleep in separate bedrooms with attached bathrooms at the huge house generally do not know that their breadwinner sleeps on a bunk bed and waits in a queue to use the bathroom in shared accommodation.
Boss Dalia Ben-Galim said: "The balance between breadwinning and caring's changed - it can no longer be assumed the dad is the primary breadwinner in a couple family.