breadth index

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ratio (in percent) of the maximum breadth to the maximum length of a skull

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The ACO membership breadth index (range: 0-4) measures the inclusion of each of the following organizations in the affiliated ACO: (1) one or more hospitals; (2) groups with 20 or more physicians; (3) groups with <20 physicians; (4) one or more nursing homes, home health agencies, or other institutions.
Key words: Freshwater fish, diet overlap, diet breadth index, frequency of occurrence.
The various indices such as diet breadth index of different groups, diet overlap index among different size groups, and the selection of food displaced by this species were also determined.
The diet breadth index was measured with Lavin's standardized index which was calculated by the formula given below:
However, market breadth index was negative with 16 gainers compared to 18 stocks that declined.