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(24) Horace Davis, "California Breadstuffs," Journal of Political Economy 2, no.
Buckwheat works mostly for noodles (although Tartary buckwheat can be made into a flour for baking some non-yeast breadstuffs).
The American Heart Association recently came out with a recommendation of very low consumption of trans fats--in particular the partially hydrogenated oils used to make hundreds of store-bought desserts and breadstuffs like cookies, crackers, cakes, and muffins.
The harvest of breadstuffs, including wheat and rye, totalled 1.7 million tonnes, down 10%, of which wheat was 1.5 million tonnes.
She gave other going-with-the-grain tips, which include swapping whole wheat breadstuffs for white rolls and breads, using whole wheat bread crumbs for stuffing.
While all these military preparations were taking place, the war also created a demand for a range of imports such as oats and "breadstuffs" to the benefit of Australian commercial activities and shipping.
Typical Hispanic Shopping Patterns Percentage of Hispanic routine trips that included category: Produce 52% Beverages 48% Dairy 41% Breadstuffs 38% Meat 29% Dry goods 29% Canned goods 28% Bakery 22% Frozen 21% Source: Unilever 2006 Winning the Hispanic Shopping Trip Study Note: Table made from bar graph.
Perren's observation requires that the main commodity arbitrage in breadstuffs must have been the shipment of wheat not flour and those shipments of flour constituted small marginal adjustments.
And Enshayan has done more than just talk about local eating--he convinced eight colleges, homes for the elderly, and hospitals in northern Iowa to purchase $600,000 worth of their breadstuffs and produce from local sources.
"Adding California raisins to bakery products slows the migration of water to the starch granule that causes staling in breadstuffs," according to raisin research conducted by the American Institute of Baking.
They spoke of sailing dates and referred to "a Fair Wind." They promised "Breadstuffs, Pork, Vinegar, etc., found according to law." Above all they promised escape.
The inability of the government to provide citizens with an acceptable quantity of foodstuffs at reasonable prices fueled the growth of black markets (though rarely in breadstuffs) and exacerbated urban-rural tensions.(4) Wartime shortages tore other holes in the social fabric, straining relations between bureaucracy, on the one hand, and labor, commerce, women's groups, and the consuming public, on the other.
In the supermarket, price-peeved shoppers see cereal, milk, and breadstuffs as especially overpriced with fresh produce, soups, snacks, prepared foods, and detergents also getting high.
According to Larrance, the Raccoon Lodge will be "unique in both concept and design" featuring beer and soda brewed on premise as well as home-baked breadstuffs.
Finally, the Germans were to agree not to strip Poland of food, and to make specified deliveries of breadstuffs and grain from outside Poland.(13)