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Synonyms for breadline

a queue of people waiting for free food


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This paves the way for the cap to sink even lower, leaving children from larger families on the breadline without Parliament debating the change.
Breadline Britain shows that gas and electricity prices have doubled over the last decade.
Statistics from the latest Deadline to the Breadline report show a bleak outlook for many households in the region.
BREADLINE More than half kids in jobless families suffer
If they don't take up the challenge, it will prove beyond doubt they are out of touch with the reality with the lives of families on welfare and on the breadline in Britain today.
Nearly 54,000 struggling single working mums in Wales could lose as much as pounds 68 a week under the new Universal Credit, pushing some below the breadline, according to the charity's report today.
So, if you're fretting about the duration of your mortgage or how to get a pension that lifts you off the breadline, worry not.
Food and sweets would be distributed among the people on the breadline on the above said day.
7 Days On Dizzee the Rascal: Breadline Video Exclusive (9pm) Three-part series in which four celebrities live for a week on a council estate.
The 33-year-old singer is now living in a house with a broken window, a dilapidated front door and a junkyard like garden for the new ITV1 show 7 Days On The Breadline, reports the Sun.
In 1991, I was a down-and-outer in a moody Depression breadline.
Local government workers across the North East will walk out at midnight tonight in protest against the breadline wages offered to them by employers sitting on millions in savings delivered by this same workforce.
THE BEDRAGGLED MEN IN A SHUFFLING BREADLINE are frozen forever in bronze at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington.