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a queue of people waiting for free food


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Many clubs in the bottom two divisions are living on the breadline and struggle to stay afloat during the summer with no matchday income.
"The system is broken, with low pay, insecure work and the benefits freeze trapping families below the breadline."
Scottish Care boss Donald Macaskill said: "Put simply, care homes cannot continue to survive on the breadline. It is incumbent on government to recognise the real dangers accordingly or within the year, we will be faced with a real emergency."
Insurer Legal & General's latest Deadline to the Breadline research reveals that UK employees could maintain their current lifestyle for only a month if they lost their source of income and had to rely on savings.
Breadline Britain shows that gas and electricity prices have doubled over the last decade.
Statistics from the latest Deadline to the Breadline report show a bleak outlook for many households in the region.
The figures also found that a 2% increase in mortgage interest rates would move the typical household with a mortgage one day closer to the breadline.
The "Breadline Question Time" event will take place at City United Reformed Church at Windsor Place, Cardiff, today.
ON average, British families have only 19 days before the money runs out if their main breadwinner can't work due to long-term sickness, injury, critical illness or death, according to Legal & General's first 'Deadline to the Breadline' report John Pollock, Legal & General group executive director, says: "The aim of our report is to shed a light on the financial health of the average British household and to stimulate debate in the industry about what we can do to help consumers better understand the dangers of failing to protect themselves against financial disaster."
Three months after 1,158 workers were put on the breadline with the closure of the Hovensa oil refinery on St.
Nearly 54,000 struggling single working mums in Wales could lose as much as pounds 68 a week under the new Universal Credit, pushing some below the breadline, according to the charity's report today.
So, if you're fretting about the duration of your mortgage or how to get a pension that lifts you off the breadline, worry not.
Food and sweets would be distributed among the people on the breadline on the above said day.